My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music

 Its like love and sex go with women. A good system makes the experience better. A great woman makes the experience better too! They both go together great!
Who cares. I am getting tired of this topic. Who should really care what box they are placed into as long as the Audiophile is enjoying the listening.  I know I don't and I am pleased, as a Rabbit, if someone throws me into any briar patch.
Well,   I have the best woman in the world (50yrs married) but only the 2nd best audio system. May have to look at that!
My gal and I are no longer hifi, whats after midfi ....
@russ69 hahaha! I wonder how many people here actually get that!?
Got to agree. Get it turned on let it warm up, a few tweaks here a few tweaks there. I like large highs ,recessed midrange and a firm but not to wide bottom end you know something you can really get behind when the rhythm and pace picks up