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Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
I have ripped more than 1100 CDs with my Cocktailaudio X45Pro.  Just stick the CD into the slot and it rip's away to the HD.  The X45 automatically downloads meta data from web.  I have ripped to FLAC with no issues.  Occasionally the X45 finds th... 
Will the placement of casters on speaker stands degrade the performance
boomerbillone111 posts07-06-2021 1:10pmHi johnspain! Casters won't hurt. I put my heavy speakers on casters, too. Just be sure you use casters that don't rattle when you shake them. The wheels should be free, but not loose or wobbly on their ax... 
Where's The Volume?
MM vs. MC Phono Cartridges Explained [Illustrative Guide ... are, however, phono preamps that are designed to be used with both MM and MC cartridges. These phono preamps have adjus... 
Need emergency help please!
Have you tried calling the speaker company for help or the dealer you purchased the speakers from? 
Will the placement of casters on speaker stands degrade the performance
Thanks so much to those who contributed thoughtful and reasonable content.  I managed to ignore those who were just trying to be cute, childish, and insulting.  I am especially thankful for the Magnepan resource that gave me the bolt size.  While ... 
How to remove scotch tape brown residue from album covers
Hand sanitizer.  Do not rub hard. 
Can someone explain, in lay terms, why I should pay more for a Coaxial Interconnect?
I have learned from politics that when you can't defeat your opponent with facts you just go to attacking the person.  Many times on this forum, when you cannot contribute or counter with facts one also drops to personal attacks.  All should feel ... 
Half speed masters. Are they worth the extra scratch?
If you standard 33 1/3 LP plays correctly - There should be not difference with the 1/2 Track Master. 
Half speed masters. Are they worth the extra scratch?
How do your standard LPs sound on your turntable? 
The Absurdity of it All
I'm giving up. Other HELP forums have not digress to this communications style. I leave you with it. 
The Absurdity of it All
For those who contend that we only need to rely on our ears - If that is the case, why would we need Audiogon or any other hobbyists forum.  We need it as a source of information or to validate our own thinking.  What we don't need is someone prea... 
The Absurdity of it All
This platform seems to have been taken over by those feeling the need for self-aggrandizement rather than providing sought after help. A person should be made to feel comfortable asking a difficult or complex question and not humiliated simply ... 
Dedicated AC line - Contractor wants to use BX instead of romex
Why I ALWAYS choose BX over Non-Metallic (NM) cable: A real-world example.Sometimes individual conductors run inside conduit is the only option, but when I have a choice between NM cable and BX, I always choose BX as a residential wiring best pr... 
Banned in Audiogon?
My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music
Who cares. I am getting tired of this topic. Who should really care what box they are placed into as long as the Audiophile is enjoying the listening.  I know I don't and I am pleased, as a Rabbit, if someone throws me into any briar patch.