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Most annoying song, period.
Achy Breaky Heart by whoever it was.  
Phono Preamp
I used to have the Project table you have. While I was very happy with it (and it is a very good table) Two years ago I bought a Clearaudio Concept with thier most expensive MM cart. The difference was outstanding.I agree with jsautter, I am  goin... 
Your Top Five Blues LPs, SQ-wise...
Jimmy Witherspoon. "Bluespoon". I have a copy on PRESTIGE label I bought in 1968. Everything must have been just right for the whole process. It sounds like I am in a small dingy Jazz club sitting at a front table. I have 3 records I use whenever ... 
Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?
NO.   I bought my first LP in 1964, still buying. 
Bits bits bits from Upscale Audio
Because I live outside US, they blocked me from going into the site. The essence of the reason was that they were not going to sell me small stuff because the object is to sell big stuff (read expensive) to local (US) market. 
Turntable leveling
I had a small circular level ( bubble inside circle) that came with my Clearaudio turntable when I bought it. So I set up with that.Then checked with a small joiners level  (4 inch) and then with a larger ( 2 foot) builders level.They all showed t... 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
Since 1964 I have been on a steady ascent in gear, from the small suitcase type record player with built in speaker, to now, Clearaudio table, tube preamp and tube amp. with custom made floor standing speakers. Many small increments up over 54 yea... 
I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone
Do not understand the need to lie.I have been married 47 years. Never told her a lie, never. Why would you need to?If I want to get something (audio or not) I mention it and she says " go get it".   Goes both ways. 
What is the life of a Grado Wood cartridge?
I am constantly amazed at the ridiculous low hours quoted by many.I had a Grado Wood Reference on my last turntable. I spent a lot of time searching about it before I bought.The grado website said I can expect 5000 hours. I do not see any reason w... 
Turntable Advice?
I have had a Clearaudio Concept for 6 months now. I chose to fit it with the Virtuoso cartridge. I have never achieved such a good sound. The turntable itself is superb, in my opinion. 
Use this song if you are doing an A/B with Preamps
What is an "A/B"? 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
I have many Jazz Guitar albums.  Many Charlie Byrd. My favourite is an old mono "The Guitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd". It sounds so good, recommended. 
What are important features in a listening chair
I sit on the floor.Thats how I have been listening since 1958 when my dad used to play them old 78s. I am 71 now, still sitting on the floor. 
Turntable Mat question
I have a Clearaudio turntable. It has no mat when purchased. The dealer/shop/owner frowned at me when I asked about a mat, he said not nessessary. After I got it I have tried a cork and a felt and a lp record. I find it best without a mat. I do us... 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Just bought a Clearaudio Virtuoso v2MM cart for my Clearaudio turntable