My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music

 Its like love and sex go with women. A good system makes the experience better. A great woman makes the experience better too! They both go together great!
What a great analogy! 

For those who don't know what that means, I can promise you it's not something dirty. (but your power cables are lawl)

You sit there and let the system do the work. No tone controls or equalizers. When you obsess about the technical side of something, you tend to lose sight of the goal.

Auditory pleasure.
Mastering92, what does "lawl" mean? 

I think it's more like Bagels and Lox. You have to have the perfect plain bagel with just the right size hole to appreciate the lox. Why people ruin it all with everything bagels is a mystery to me. Comparing my system with my wife would be extremely dangerous.  
I guess pointing out that it is 2021, and joking aside, a post that alienates 1/2 the population is not classy.  Perhaps it speaks to the age of the average audiophile?  Most women never wanted to read crap like this they definitely don't these days.
Agree with ausaudio.  I don't consider women equipment I own.   But if you pay for yours, fine.
Woops, ausaudio get his/her tail feathers ruffled. Humans can not divorce themselves from nature. The vast majority of men prefer women and the vast majority of women prefer men. Love and sex are wonderful things and should be celebrated whatever your preferences are. Political correctness is a trap just like prohibition. We are what nature made us and we still have not learned to live with it. 

We are what nature made us and we still have not learned to live with it.

"Love and sex are wonderful things and should be celebrated whatever your preferences are. Political correctness is a trap just like prohibition. We are what nature made us and we still have not learned to live with it."

And one of life's tragedies seems to be this inequality in the desire for sex and love.

Some of us want and need more, and some of us sadly don't.

This mismatch can be the cause of much of life's unhappiness.

On the other hand it also provides musicians, writers, filmmakers etc with a never-ending source of material.
I wish the OP would clarify.  It appears that he is comparing listening to music on a good system as akin to sex with a good woman.  At face value that's a pretty idiotic statement, but then again, maybe that's not what he meant.  I like listening to really good music, well reproduced, but it ain't even vaguely similar to making love.  A deep, well defined soundstage with shimmering highs and explosive lows just ain't WAP.
They do and a good piece of music recorded well is like finding that special woman as well as the special system to play it on that rush you get is very similar.
I guess Blueranger is trying to say we are so caught up in tech, cosmetics and specs. we miss the artistry of the music or as mastering92 puts it we tend to lose sight of the goal.  I apologize Blueranger for those in this discussion who feel that you are an idiot you are not.
Then lawl it is mastering92.

cd318, can't argue with that. It's why Howard Johnson made 28 flavors.
The trick is to find a mate who likes sex at the same level you do and darn did I get lucky in that regard:-)
If I were to rephrase blueranger’s op, i would say we can approach our lives transactionally or relationally. For me, music in the background is transactional; low res music is transactional; focussing on acquiring the equipment is transactional. On the other hand, when I listen deeply, it is thrilling and sometimes even transformative.

Humans have physical needs, and we can get those needs met transactionally, without much depth to the experience. We can also get our needs met in a more  immersive way (an encompassing sound stage if you will). Some folks of all genders are satisfied getting their needs met in a sort of background music manner—and others are only satisfied when everything lines up just so. 
I suspect most of us are a mix, and our relationship to our equipment can be similarly mixed. 
See how much more concise blueranger is than me!! 
When a great song comes on the radio while I am in the car, it is magical.
End of story.
i strongly suspect alan parsons was telling it like it was, when he said, "an audiophile is somebody who uses your music to listen to their equipment."
Who cares. I am getting tired of this topic. Who should really care what box they are placed into as long as the Audiophile is enjoying the listening.  I know I don't and I am pleased, as a Rabbit, if someone throws me into any briar patch.
Well,   I have the best woman in the world (50yrs married) but only the 2nd best audio system. May have to look at that!
Got to agree. Get it turned on let it warm up, a few tweaks here a few tweaks there. I like large highs ,recessed midrange and a firm but not to wide bottom end you know something you can really get behind when the rhythm and pace picks up
I love sex, I love music... Love Sex with the music on ...
Heck It’s 2021... I pay for the music 🤦‍♂️... While my stereo watches ... LOL
My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music
is... "you mind your business, I'll mind mine."
Well you know that you are really on to something when you alienate 50% of people with a post. How some of you can make such inferences from the OP is beyond me and I would posit that a bit of offense and discomfort would do you a world of good. 
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That is exactly what I am asking you to do. Dont simply parrot what others have told you and what is the current fashion simply because a post contains a couple of provocative associations. You made the jump not me. 

Further, and this is classic 2021, unless you are a woman you are in no position to judge and have no right to comment because you cant possibly know.

Just think about the world that this politically correct nonsense is creating. Think twice if you have children.
The debate over a simple thought becomes a spanking from those who cannot tolerate anything other than their own rigid, moralistic, and self appointed position of chastising anyone or anything their brainwashing has taught them could offend someone. The shallowness, sterility, and self aggrandizing that our social nazis display is merely a reflection of their own desires to feel superior, righteous, and in control.
Back on topic......Listening to well recorded music has introduced me to music genres I now enjoy. If the playback quality is not that great I still enjoy the music.
This is the best conversation I have seen on Audiogon!  Sure hope we have more of these.  
@russ69: yes, very good, I laughed out loud. Took me a moment. . . . "Telly" might have gotten me there quicker.

But no "My woman loves my crossovers and interconnects" or "My DAC sure keeps her satisfied" jokes? The thread seemed headed in that direction. 
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I'll stay away from the analogies, they are fun, but also a slippery slope (no pun intended).  What I find is the better my equipment, the more picky I am about a live venue.  If you regard live as the ultimate music engagement, my goal is create a sound stage that best represents engagement in the space I have to work with.

However, there's fewer (when we could see live music) venues that now make sense to me.  The last venue I attended was horrible for music engagement; constantly over 100dB (phone meter measure) and the venue acoustics were full of echoes.  Makes me really appreciate the traditional classical music venues that were built for music. But, one can only choose the venue that books one's favorite artists.
Maybe for you!  I prefer my music without women, who like too much horrible stuff.  I prefer my women in the kitchen cooking for my partner and me.
Blueranger.... It’s like crap... all assholes have it, but some assholes brag about theirs.
Personally, I listen to music with my 'stuff'.

I only 'listen' to the equipment (aka, 'stuff') if I'm running some sort of adjustments...and if running white or pink, with earplugs or the sort of 'headphones' I use with a chainsaw.

Either way....I don't expect Perfection.
'Pleased with the outcome' is usually enough....;)
By the way, sex should be approached with the same attitude imho...*S*

Sans any sort of headphones or earplugs, of course....
Thanks Arizona Bob. Like a lot of us music is the fabric of our lives. I think about it a lot and music is always playing in my head. I must say I have a great woman at home that doesn't mind my mistress! LOL I'm one lucky guy.