Musical Fidelity British or Chinese

Greetings folks.

This forum has been gold ("gold,!) while assembling my new listening room. Thanks to everyone.

I need some clarification on amps and preamps made by Musical Fidelity. I'm looking for a used MF amp/preamp combination to match Quad 22Ls in my 11 by 21 room. I've been told they're a pretty good match. After some research, I'm assuming the "3" series were manufactured in Britain and the newer "5" series is outsourced in China. Is that correct or oversimplication?

This is not a "quality-here vs. quality-there" thread. I'm just trying to make as much of an informed decision as possible before I buy.

Again, thanks to all "...and to all a good night" or, Merry Christmas.

These guys should be able to answer that question.
Hi Dave:

The A300, A3, and A3.2 series were all manufactured in the UK. The A5 series, which essentaily replaced this series, is made in China. The A5 series has a different look than the A3 series.

I have owned MF equipment in the A300, A3, and A3.2 lines. The A5 series has a slightly different sound; some may characterize it as a little colder sounding. It would be a different sound than you are accustomed to with your Creek. If you are looking at the used market, I would look at the MF A308 series.

Regards, Rich
The A series is manufactured in Taiwan.
You had Britese or Chinish or now Britwan/ Taitish.