Chinese integrated for around $1k

Hi guys,
I am looking for a powerful integrated amp around $1k.
Since my speakers are Chinese (Aurum Cantus Volla) I started looking into some Chinese amplification options, hoping they might surprise me the way the speakers did.
I have narrowed down the search to 2 options:

1. Dussun V6i
2. Shengya A-206mk

Both are quite powerful, both can be used as pure power amps for future tube pre-amp options, and both got decent to raving reviews over the net (for what it's worth).
Since there's no authorized dealer around me, this is going to be a blind purchase.

The Shengya is more expensive by ~$500, but is quite a looker to my taste (it just looks more robust).
So, has anyone had an experience with these amps an can shed some unsolicited light for me?

WOW, Those are nice system. Since your speaker are rated 50-200 watt. You be better off purchase Shengya A-206mk with 200 watt @ 8 ohm. Audio technology is very simple. You just have to match (or more) of the power handling capacity. You will enjoy the sound of music for life.
Maybe consider the Dussun V8i, I've had a few of them through here over the years, sounds decent, and are very well made.

Good Listening

If I were forced to choose, I would get the Dussun V6i. My primary reason would be the 150 watt at 8 ohm / 300 watt at 4 ohm rating. If the specs are accurate this is a high current amplifier. That is the same power rating as the Krell S-300i. Don't worry about having too much power as that isn't the issue to be concerned with. The pseudo class A claim seems a bit fishy however. It either is or is not.

I have a Yaqin MC-30L tube amplifier that I am extremely happy with.
Chinese amps can represent a lot of bang for the buck. Buyer should keep in mind should there be a problem you may be up the cheek, Enter brand like the Quest for Sound-SQ 88. Made in China, specifications made to Steve Monte,s desire.,,This is a very well made three input tube based integrated amp. This is solid great sounding unit built too last. but important backed by an here the the states brick and mortar store, That may service your prized gear here and not far of shore, Is a current model and make to checked out the Quest for Sound web page.

I must confess to having one some fews years and it provide great music with flawless operation and great looks for a true pride of ownership. Moving up the now presents an opportunity for someone to enjoy it further. Please email for particulars Happy hunting,
Look for a used Cayin, great sound, great value. The US distributor is also a Aurum Cantus distributor so they match very well.
Thanks for the responses.
There are no distributors of Chi-fi where I live (Israel), so this is going to be a blind buy while holding my fingers crossed (online search teaches me there are no known reliability issues).
I contacted the Dussun owner and he has agreed to ship directly to me either the V6i or the V8i (once it gets back in stock).
The V8i and the Shengya are similarly priced for me.
Since my speakers have ribbon twitters they need a healthy power amp behind them. I currently power them with Tag Mclaren r100X5, and they must be bi-amped to produce something that resembles their potential (I auditioned them with MASSIVE Krell monoblocks and fell in love on spot).
I am wondering whether the V6i will do the trick or is the choice to be made between the Shengya and the V8i...

Both are OEMs for well known western brands (Vincent & Red Rose), the Shengya just looks better cosmetically, but I'll have to buy via Aliexpress or Cattylink (which charges and arm and a leg for shipping and handling fees)
Jolida (from the MD people) makes piles of these in various tube/power configurations and recent versions seem very well done. I suggest a gently used one for el-cheapo. My amp (502P) sounds great and has worked flawlessly in daily use for over 2 years. So at least I know they can last over 2 years.
Cayin 265i is only 40wpc. I don't think that's enough to drive the Vollas. Is there any other integrated model by Cayin that might fit?
As for Jolida, I'll research them as well.
Shanling a3000,Jungson Hedo (currently one for sale on here) Vincent amps are made in china (similar to shengya) and seem to get great reviews, rogue sphinx as suggested above, if you could stretch the budget maybe a peachtree nova 125. I actually have a tube amp for sale on here (tad 60) that is more than powerful enough to drive proac response 2.5's to very loud levels and sounds spectacular.
Jolida USA does make very decent gear at a good price and they have good service. Their products are manufactured thru Chinese and US facilities.

However, in your online search you will also find the Jolida company based in China. Their products are slightly different than the USA, and are only sold online.

Some good info about Jolida...
Get a used Line Magnetic Audio. I have a 216IA and it is the best audio piece I have, out of three audio systems.
Very nice 2psyop thanks for the heads up. If those sound as beautiful as they look I am very interested.
The Lina Magnetic Audio is nowhere near the power requirements of my speakers (the ribbon tweeters make them power hungry).
38w just won't do the trick.
I hope the 150w of the Dussun V6i will, but am not sure.
I have an option to purchase localy a used ATC SIA2-150 or a BMC C1, either one for around $3k/
Given the shipping the shipping costs and the taxation on the Dussun, this is about $1k difference between the options.
What do you say, are they even comparable?