Multichannel amps suggestions?

Anybody with any experience regarding the Krell 1500, Classe 500,pass X5 etc.? This is for surround in a 7.1 system. My mains are the amps in my separate but integrated 2- channel system.

Not sure what your main amps are, but...

This might be only relevant if you are using the amp as a 2ch amp also, but might play a factor in the center channel mode.

Some amps use a power supply per channel and some "share" one or two power channels for all the channels. I was a big advocate for the supply per channel but have recently have changed my opinion. Most likely this is because I have a amp that shares power supplies and I talked my self into this logic.

I have a Sim Audio 7ch amp and the amp has two(2) power supplies and 3 of the channels are supplied by one of the power supplies and 4 from the other. Now when hooking up the speakers I can choose if I want the front mains to share a supply, in theory limiting the 2ch performance while giving the center channel more juice, or having the front mains on their own supplies and squeezing the center in somewhere.

It's a neat idea, and for your use you could use one supply for the center and one rear and the rest of the rears could be stacked on the remaining supply.

In all reality this is just a major over kill, any one of these amp would be great to run the surrounds and should have way more than enough to make the center channel sing.

HT is expensive...I read once that is costs 2.5 times the money as 2ch, makes sense more IC's,speakers and channels to amp.

Good luck
The Pass is warmer sounding than the Krell, a little less bass slam. Classe makes good stuff but IMHO, not as good as the Krell or Pass. I know a good dealer for the Pass stuff if you are interested. Pass also has great customer service.