Compatible Multichannel Amp for NHT's??

I have NHT's towers (small ones, 1.4's w/ 2-4.5 in midranges, 8-inch woofers and 1 4.5 in backfiring midrange). Will be upgrading from receiver to separates. Any comments on which direction I should go on pursuing multichannel amplification?
I'm not much of a home theater person, but I've been using my NHT SuperOnes and SuperZeros with an ATI 1505 [5x150 watts] for the last four and a half years and have enjoyed this combo immensely. Probably a little more power than I need, but what the heck. :•)
I'm using NHT Focused Image Geometry speakers (2.3As, 2.1s, 1.3As, and SuperZeros) in a 7.1 channel setup with two Rotel amps -- a 5 channel 985THX Mk. II (110 x 5), and a 2 channel 981 (130 x 2), and I'm very pleased with the sound.

I've never heard their theater line, but if they work like the Focused Image line, the more power the better. I had my 2.3A mains hooked up to a Denon receiver, and there was no difference between running them full-range or crossed over to the sub -- the Denon couldn't make them produce ANY real bass at all. With the Rotel 981, they actually get down around the 40 Hz that they're supposed to reach.
With those speakers you're using, may I stongly suggest you stay with amps that are not soft on top! Try to stick with amps that have good top end extension.
The guy who suggested the ATI is on the right track for you! (although he's mistaken about possilby having too much power with his ATI 1505 for his Super Zero's/One's!...those speakers are LOW LOW sensitivity ,and can use more wattage..FYI).
Amps you might want to consider in the $1000-$1600 range new would be the likes of the Parasound HCA1205, ATI1505,maybe Adcom GFA7500 if a good deal, Acurus 125x5(a steal), or 200x5. On the low side, you could get a bargain in a lower powered Rotel RB985 used, as it's a strong amp for the $!..and sounds pretty decent. These amps provide plenty of SPARKLE with your slightly soft/warm sounding NHT's, and should BALANCE out well.