Multi-Channel Interconnects SACD

As an option to using six single interconnects, does anyone know of a quality interconnect that is packaged as a "mini-snake", allowing ananlog connection of an SACD player to a pre/pro? I see that Cobalt has a product like this, but so far, that's all I have found. How good is Cobalt? I am not familiar with them. In the end, sound quality is top priority, but it would be nice to have the cables neatly packaged. The back of my system is getting pretty cluttered as it is!

Thanks, Tom.
Use three stereo interconnects and braid them.
See also Harmonic Technology and RS Audio for 6 conductor audio interconnects.
i have the cobalt cable 6 cable that i use for sacd in my ht set up. never used anything else. they seem fine to me. sorry for the lame answer but the cobalts are relatively inexpensive, and they always seem to be having 10-20% off specials. keep in mind that the six cable bundle is not as flexible as six individual cables so you need more space behind your rack as well as between components, and are a little more difficult to connect imho. but they definitely tidy up your wires.

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I use Verastarr interconnects 6 cables with locking rca connectors. well made and nicely braided. you should check out. Mike is very good to deal with. have been pleased with sound, I paid approx 1k
Thanks for the replies. Your responses bring up two questions. First, if the wires were otherwise of simliar quality, are there any sonic advantages or disadvantages to running a 6-channel "snake" versus six individual cables (or 3 pairs)? Second, flexibility is somewhat of a concern, so for those of you with the snakes, just how flexible or inflexible are they? It's okay to a degree, but I wouldn't want something ultra stiff.

Thanks, Tom.

Any idea how the Cobalts or Verastarr compare (sonically) to the Harmonic Technology cables?
I see that the Harmonic Technology Harmony Rainbow multi-channel cable is designed for both audio and video. Any thoughts on what sonic trade-offs you might expect out of a cable that is also designed to handle video?

Thanks, Tom.
Verastarr very flexible, would not describe as stiff at all. makes for a neat package on the cabling. each cable is labled at each end for easy connection. do not know how they compare to the others. you would have to look at feedback on similar cables for each manufacturer. Mike runs specials periodically which is how I came into these.
Wow! Those Verastarr cables are rather expensive! I'd say at more than two and a half times the price of my DVD/SACD Player (Sony DVP-NS999ES), I may have to pass (though certainly, I'd be interested in a used set, if they should come up).

Thanks, Tom.
I'm also deciding on the same thing. At least if you go this route (specialized 6-ch connector), there are a lot fewer cables to choose from. Easier decision.

Anyway, another option is Blue Jean cables - You can pick from various Belden or Canare cables which are discussed often over at Audio Asylum.

I don't know any more about them than I do about Cobalt or RS Audio. Have to make up my mind soon though. Good luck.
I picked up a set of five channel interconnects and component video cables from Blue Jean Cables. The video cables made an immediate impact on the picture quality of my Hitachi HDTV. These cables are very well made an offer a great bang for your buck. Highly recommended.
WRT your question about snake vs. individual cables, if set up properly individual cables will sound better, grouping the 6 channels together and colouring coding them is all about convenience. I own the sony xa777es and run it two channel, however, the dealer I bought it from had it set up in two rooms, one with multi-channel and one for two channel. The set-up in the multi-channel room did not utilize high end cables, however, the rest of the equipment was very expensive, I questioned their choice of cables. The response was that because of the nature of multi-channel: being enveloped in sound, the cables are not as critical as with 2 channel because of all the addition information. For the cables to make that much of a difference because of all the variables associated with multi-channel, one would have to have a virtually perfect listening room and a perfect listening position to notice a difference. Although these were the opinions of the store, I felt I should pass them on as I agree with their assessment.
As I mull this over in my mind, I am dealing with several conflicting goals and considerations. On the one hand, I'd like to avoid making my already somewhat untidy cabling even more unsightly (to the extent possible). However, I am interested in hearing how multi-channel SACD compares to 2-channel redbook or 2-channel SACD, and to this end, I should give multi-channel a "fighting chance" by allowing as good of analog connections as I can. Of course, when you are talking about a $1,000.00 player, it can get a bit ridiculous to pay for 6 channels of top notch interconnects.

I have read some fairly good reviews of the Cobalt Cable, but they seem to mostly come from sources that don't seem to do a lot of high end cable testing. I may try to dig up the Stereophile Archives for their reviews of the Harmonic Technology and RS Cables products.

I must say, that at this point in time, the separate pairs might be a bit more attractive, despite the potential for a more "messy" cable setup. Three pairs of Kimer Kable Hero are looking pretty attractive as well.

Actually on mine I run High end cables on the front two channels , mid end on the surrounds, and low end on the center and sub. Only because this is what I had available.
Recently for the first time I listened to the DVD player do normal Dolby Digital Surround, usually I use the processor, and noticed the processor sounded "better" . I concluded that it was the inferior cables of the surrounds etc. on the multi channel input. whether you want to spend $4-500.00 3 times on three sets of interconnects is a personal choice. For me , Im just concerned the 2 channel is precise.
Verastarr has an auction for demo 5.1/6 cable braid which has 5 days to go. If you haven't purchased yet this may be a good opportunity.
Thanks for the heads up! I have placed a bid!