Mounting a Mono cartridge

How do you mount a mono cartridge ? Do you simply connect the 4 cart pins to the corresponding wires on the tonearm as in a stereo cart or is there more to it ? This is in the context of a Ortofon 309D with a Miyajima BE mono cart. Would appreciate any help and advise
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Yes, just color match the leads. Miyajima documentation has a pic of the proper connections too. IIRC, the colors weren't easy to make out on my Miyajima cart.
Many thanks. I presume you get a hum if you don't get the leads to match...
OTW this is no more complicated than mounting a stereo cart etc
Dunno, I have always matched them.
If your mono cartridge has four pins, it's technically a dual-mono cartridge. Just connect it as you would any stereo cartridge. A true mono cartridge (one channel only) will have two pins, and will require a little more work to mount on a standard (4-wire) tonearm rig.
Roscoeiii and Br3098
Many thanks. Mission accomplished. Mounted the Miyajima BE on the Durand Talea 2 exactly as I would a stereo cart matching the leads and there was zero hum or any noise issues. No idea how much breakin the Miyajima requires but it is sounding graceful straight out of the box.
Will eventually mount this on a 309D as and when the Garrard 401 is restored . It will share the 309D with a Ortofon SPU.
Have a great weekend