Acoustic Panel Mounting Questions

I've had Corner Tunes (from Room Tunes) in place for years and want to add a Bass Trap for behind my listening position, as well as Ceiling and Side Wall panels to absorb first order reflections. I peeked inside one of the corner tunes and it is simply 2" thick insulation that is aluminum faced on one side enclosed in muslin. I intend to use this same approach in fabricating my new traps, buying 4" thick insulation for the bass trap and 2" thick insulation for the other panels. I've read that the bass trap should ideally be mounted a couple inches off the wall and with the reflective material facing outward. Should the ceiling & side wall panels be mounted the same way - off the wall/ceiling and with the reflective side facing outward? And how large an area should each panel cover - would 24"x 36" be adequate? Does it matter at what heighth the panels are mounted on the side wall?
Thanks in advance!
Tough questions. Basically it doesn't matter that much - what matters most is thickness of trapping in order to achieve low frequency absorption.If you go overboard on thin panels then you can kill the life from the room by absorbing too much midrange. Placing panels two inches or more off the walls or out from corners will increase their effectiveness at LF but frankly the total volume of treatments is the key to even LF absorption. (At least four giant corner broadband absorbers is a "minimum" - yes it is reallythat poor in terms of impact so every bit counts - a log fireplace - plush furniture - plants - bookshelves - the more the cleaner your bass and lower midrange will sound...)
if I may be of help, I was told by Rives audio to place my side wall panel 2ft above floor level. Happy listening
Hello, always go with 4 inch thick or thicker! The larger the better. 2 feet by 4 feet work well. Away from the wall by at least 4-6 inches. this is for broad band absobtion. If you want low freq absorbtion ie: below 200hz you need to start looking into bass panel absorbtion.

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