Problems mounting a Denon 103R in a Linn Ekos

Anybody has had problems mounting a Denon 103R in a Linn Ekos? According to the local Linn dealer he cannot do it because the body of the cartdridge is bigger than the headshell of the Ekos. I have emailed Linn and Denon, but I didn't get any answer. Any help will be appreciated. Pablo.
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What does too big mean? The DL103 is a pretty regular sized cartridge in width and length. And it should fit any regular headshell. I don't remember the headshell of my old Akito arm being small. The Denon fits into the Rega tonearm pretty well which have a similar geometry and headshell size.

Does too big mean to big to adjust the correct overhang?

Or is cartridge body height to big too adjust the VTA correctly?

I do think the Denon should work in the Ekos...maybe you could get some more information from the dealer...

Good luck.