Moscode 401au

I would be interested in any thoughts folks who own or have auditioned this amplifier have? In particular, are there any owners of the 401HR which have auditioned this new unit? Further, what speakers do owners of this amp drive? Thanks.
I owned a 401HR, and used it to drive Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE. Moscode
and Von Schweikert speakers are an excellent match. Perhaps the best
amp/speaker match I have had in my system.

I have not heard the new 402Au.
I had the 401 HR, which drove successfully the most difficult speakers extant - the Mark-Daniel Maximus, with a wicked impedance curve dropping well below 2. I bet there isn't a speaker they cant drive. Phenomenally good amplifier and built like a tank.
I have owned all the moscode amps. George uses von schwiekert at the industry shows. I am using 402au with Martin Logan CLS. Buy with confidence.
This amp will sound more realistic than anything anywhere near its price.
It would be great with a Magnepan 3.6R,20.1,Martin Logan CLX,or von schweikert 5.