Moscode contact info or Kaye Audio Labs

Anyone know if mr. moscode ( George Kaye) or Kaye Audio Labs is around still? I have been trying to get a hold of them via email & phone for some time. I have tried the numbers for the new moscodes, the number for repair, the company email, mr. moscode's email and I keep coming up with nothing. I either get a disconnect, bounce back, or a generic voice mail box where I leave a voice mail and dont ever hear back. I have a minuet and 300 that I want to get upgraded. I took the minuet to a local shop and it is worse off than when I started. any help is appreciated.
Is this the latest contact information that you have tried? If so, how long have you been trying to contact George with no success? Sometimes small manufacturers take a week or two to respond to e-mails.
He may be on vacation...
yep, that is the number, as well as the number on the repair page for Mocodes ( [email protected] or 802 257 5085 or if busy try 413 493 6523) I also found his email address in forums on different sites and that bounces back. I have been trying for months (over 6) here and there. Send an email, leave a message (on the number that works), nothing. The 800 number does not work anymore. The 802 is the only number you can leave a message, but it is nothing more than a generic messsage. I am ready to give up and move on
I've not been able to get a response from George Kaye in probably a couple of years now.  I know this is an old post, but it came to mind.