Need Help In Matching Preamp to My Moscode


I have recently entered the realm of audiophile equipment (though more towards the bottom end of it i guess) and would dearly like some help in choosing a preamp in the hopes of achieving a more fluid sound from my CD's.

Right now I have a Rega Planet 2000, Modified Moscode 600, all cardas cross cable, and some obscure bi-polar speakers from the BIC america company (Venturi 601) and an adcom passive line controller. The sound is good, but not quite what I would like, especially at lower volumes and older CDs.

I have been looking at the Audible Illusions 3/3a and have also been advised to check out the Rogue 99. I am only looking to spend about $1000 on the used market - can anyone offer thier advice/opinion?

Thanks in advance...
Evelyn- If by passive line controller you mean a passive pre-amp (attenuator and input selector), then I would think about upgrading the speakers first and then going on to pre-map (active or passive). The pre-amps you mentioned both have their devotees on this site, although I've heard neither. The AI has a well regarded phono stage, not sure about the Rouge. Other options at about $1k are BAT VK3i, ARC (several models, depends on whether you want remote and/or phono). But right now, I think that $1K could buy you a lot in terms of speakers (Vandersteen 2ce sigs would be my suggestion, but I am a big Vandersteen fan). The Model 2ci (predecessor) worked well with my Moscode 300, and that line is well known for not being all that equipment sensitive (mates well with a variety of electronics). Good luck.
Hi Evelyn aka "heart sees wisely" : ) One of my friends has modified Moscode 600's that he runs with Acoustat's. He's had at least a half dozen different preamps and is currently experimenting with a NAD that he says sounds surprisingly good but still needs some work. According to him, the NAD is a little bright sounding with the modifications that he's done, so he may need to change some parts to soften it up a bit.

While he has posted here a few times, i think he feels more comfortable emailing privately. As such, i'll turn him onto this thread and, hopefully, he'll drop you a line so that the two of you can converse. Sean