moody blues justin hayward

was looking about spotted the first seven albums remastered by Justin Hayward. anyone heard them, any chance that they are as good as the MFSL? Anybody heard anything at all about them.
I have the older remasters and these are not bad.

I did a review here on agon of that version of "Question of balance" compared to original vinyl and preferred the CD by a small margin.

HAven't heard the newer ones that I think were released towards the end of last year. They are remastered primarily for surround sound I think, of which I do not partake.

I'd be curious if there is any clear improvement with two channel playback if anyone knows.
I have purchased these all as SACD that he was involved with. They are better than the original but not all that great. Unfortuneatly the Moody Blues we recorded on 4 track tapes. I have bought just about every pressing or release they have ever made. I was excited to see that they would offer a 5.1 surround sound of their songs on these SACD's as well. But how do get an effective 5.1 out of 4 track tapes? I would say they are worth the investment if you are a Moddy Blues fan. I doubt MFSL will re-do any of the albums they had already done in the pre-Music Direct days.
Yes, I am skeptical that the latest remasters in 2-ch stereo can be much better than prior CD releases.

I'll probably pick one up at some point and investigate further.