rest in peace Richie Hayward

Today is indeed a terrible day for me! The second GIANT from Little Feat has passed...

The entire band and he in particular had a groove like no other band i've ever heard!

Richie played with countless musicians as well as his signature drumming for Little Feat and was an original member of Frank Zappa's band with the late Lowell George,the slide guitar wizz kid who fronted the band.

Like Bonnie Raitt said when they first split in 77', "i miss LF more then i miss being six years old!"
That's how i feel's the end of an era that we won't see and hear again!
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Aw man- very sad news indeed.
Saw him playing in Calif a few times.
Very underrated rock band.
"Well they say that time loves a hero
But only time will tell
If he`s real he`s a legend from heaven"

RIP Richie... of the best drummers I have ever seen ! Wow ...this stinks
RIP Richie,

Certainly enjoyed watching you play the many time I saw Little Feat.
Great band. Saw them open for the Who in 1976 at Anaheim.