mono blocks with a powered sub?

I recently purchased a pair of Paradigm Studio 40v4's. I also incorporated a SVS PB12 NSD powered subwoofer. My pre amp is a Carver ct7 with only one set of pre outs. I have ran my pre-outs to the sub, and from the sub to my Carver TFM 24. I plan on upgrading both pre and amp in the near future.I know there's a way, but I'm not sure how to hook up mono blocks while incorporating the sub. Will a pre-amp with 2 pre-out jacks solve this problem.

Also, a public thanks to member Bob reynolds for all his advice, it's helped me quite a bit.
Not sure why you're thinking monoblocks would be any different. Right now you're going from the sub to your stereo amp. When you have monos, you still run the left out of the sub to the left channel, in this case a monoblock. Same for the right. You might need longer IC's if your separating the monos but the hookup would be the same.

Having a pre with 2 outputs is nice. I personally don't like running the signal thru the subs x/o. If your new pre only has one output, you could use a Y-splitter. One other option: If your sub has "speaker level inputs" you could get the signal to the sub from the amps themselves. Good luck.
Call SVS
Agree, use a Y-splitter. Works just like a second set of outputs which is the way most are wired internally when a preamp offers dual outputs. As stated, there is no connection difference whether you use monoblocks or a stereo amp except for, possibly, needing longer interconnects if your monoblocks are placed near the speakers.
Maybe you're asking about speaker level connection?
If you were to use this type of sub connection, you'll have to connect speaker terminals of your mono blocks to speaker connectors on the sub (provided your sub has one).
The rest of your connection shouldn't be any different from the system with no sub: source to preamp, preamp to power amps, power amps to speakers.
Many, myself included, prefer speaker -level connection, and it's worth trying at least.
In response to "onemug", basically I;m a little on the "audio ignorant" side. I was curious about connecting this way. As usual, everyones responses answered some of the questions I had.
Thanks for the responses
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A pre-amp with 2 pre outs will let you run one set direct to the sub and the other set direct to the mono amps or stereo amp. The amp/amps will be getting the full range of the signal.

Some subs will divide the signal into low for the sub and then have a pre out with the remaining signal to feed the amps. Your sub may do this now? This is a good set up if you have speakers with not much bass. It will protect them from damage.
Sprink, My post was not in any way meant to be demeaning. I hope you did not take it that way. I wanted to know what you were thinking about monos being different to best answer your question.

Anyone that has been in this hobby for a long time should remember that they were once "audio ignorant". How can anyone start out knowing everthing?
Just wondering- why do you disagree with the speaker level connection?
About the only caveat I see using "splitters" coming off the preamp so the signal can be sent to both sub & amps, is I believe the impedance the preamp sees is gonna change.

A preamp with good gain say, 18DB+, should be fine.
try a REL SL series sub, to be connected to your speakers and fully adjustable for blending in.
I didn't take your response as "demeaning" at all. To be frank, I want a system thats aesthetically pleasing to both the eyes and sonically to the ears. I actually like the look of mono's as compared to a single stereo amp. That may seem ridiculous to most of you, but that's the way I want it. Anyway, I am very pleased with the way it sounds now, however in the future 4-6 months or so, I'l continue upgrading.

Again, thanks for all the info and responses.
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