How would I integrate a powered sub or not?

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Looking to get a used integer 9.9dhc and a used parasound 5 channel amp, but i currently own a nut powered sub. How would i integrate this into the system? Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
Assuming you mean that you have a "not-powered" sub and that you intend a 5.1 system, you will need to add an amp for the subwoofer.
Sorry for any confusion. I have a NHT powered sub and i am wondering how I would incorporate it and would it still need to be powered or could I run it off the integra sub out only?

Joe in Mobile

The sub preout is not an amplified channel so yes you would have to use a powered sub or an outboard amp/passive subwoofer combo.

OK. With a powered sub, all you need do is connect it to the sub output jack on the 9.9 and, when the other channels are connected, run the setup program.