Monitor Audio and bass impedance

It has been a while since I have upgraded my system which is centered around the original Creek Destiny integrated and a superb TRL modified Marantz SA8001 CD/SACD player.I am currently selling my mint PSB Platinum M2 speakers that I have used silver lead free solder on to get rid of those awful stake ons they insist on using with even their top models. As a side note, doing this with any speaker with stake ons always makes a noticeable change for the better and when I was in the highend audio business I routinely did this with all the stake on oriented speakers we sold.

But I digress...

I am thinking MA GX50 and use my super fast slightly modded PSB i5 sub and sand filled 24" stands... or go for it, and buy the MAGX300. My problem is MA will not answer my basic question ,namely ,what is the minimum impedance these speakers drop to in the bass.I have emailed them twice in the past 2 weeks and have yet to receive a reply.If anyone knows what impedance these speakers drop to, please let me know, since we have a MA Gold Series dealer right here in town.

Thanks in advance

to answer your question they have to measure it:)
According to Home Theater Magazine the GX50 reaches a Minimum Impedance of 4.85 Ohms at 216 Hz.