Modwright SWL 9.0 SE vs. Ayre K-5xe

Has anybod had the opportunity to compare these two units?
Yes I demoed both - both great but bought the Modwright.
Better construction and sounstage.
Martin: what do you mean with better construction? Case work quality is much better with Ayre and Ayre is zero Feedback fully balanced - MW not ? Could you please explain ?
Ayre has top tier construction.. Take a look inside that K1xe and be floored how well its put together
i have the modwright for few months ago, its a great preamp after comparing it with CJ and Bat.

Price is value for $.
Dan is a very honest person - as far as I can say. But I´ll be sure he will say without a doubt, that Ayre K-1xe is on a different level of construction and sonics. You´ll have to spend a lot more $$ to outperform the K-1xe - therefore to me Ayre stuff has got a great price/value.