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Musical Fidelity KW500 - Cable Upgrade
Thanks for the feedback. I have one of Brad's cables between a PSU and Modwright Sony, I'll give him a call. 
Anthem P5 vs Theta Dreadnaught II
Appreciate the feedback, I concluded that 2 channel takes precedence and got a good deal on a Musical Fidelity KW500 -I'll just get a good 3 channel amp for the other channels.The Plinus Odeon is clearly an excellent HT amp. 
Anthem P5 vs Theta Dreadnaught II
I'm located in Pittsburgh, and yes have a surround system.The P5 is very dynamic and transparent - I want to improve my two channel performance and prepared to sacrifice multi-channel performance if necessary. I originally demoed the 803's with a ... 
Anthem P5 vs Theta Dreadnaught II
Thanks - I'm using a Modwright Sony 999ES as the source, Modwright SWL 9SE linestage and B&W 803's. 
Modwright SWL 9.0 SE vs. Ayre K-5xe
Yes I demoed both - both great but bought the Modwright.Better construction and sounstage. 
?? for Anthem P5 or P2 owners
P5 - I'm using a Middle Atlantics rack system. 
Anyone Running Anthem P5 Amp
I have just replaced a Bryston 4BSST (Front Left & Front right) and a Rotel 1095 (center & surrounds) with a P5.The Rotel would have been an effective solution for all 5 channels, but was not as musical as the Bryston. The Rotel is great v... 
REL Strata 5 and Stampede NOT to be sold in USA???
I've had a REL Storm 111 for over 3 years, its a great HiFi sub for small speakers and small amps. This was used with B&W CDM9's and then 803's, but upgrading to a robust amp, Bryston 4BSST, eliminated the need for the sub.I also found the cus...