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Any experience with RAIDHO C 2.1 / D 2 / C 3.1
Thanks for the infos. Which Vivids are you refering to ? Which Raidhos were demoed at the show ? 
Looking for a high-quality 2-way speaker
Hi Emailists. I need a floorstander (so the Raidho 2.1 is not an option) as I have already got Lumen White monitors in my larger listening room. For my second system I need excellent smaller speakers that match my Ayre gear. Do you remember which ... 
Magico V2 vs. Q1
Stereotaipei: I appreciate your posts and your system very much - great sounding gear, very well balanced comments. To support you in your quest for an edge-of-the-art speaker as a (nice) alternative to Magico I highly recommend Lumen White Artisa... 
Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier
Has anyone compared the AX-5 to the K-5xeMP + V-5xe combo ? 
Playback Designs
Doggiehowser: I use Ayon CD-5s as well running directly either into Ayre V-5xe or Ayon Crossfire PA power amp feeding a pair of Lumen White Aquilla speakers through an all cabled Crystal Cable Dream system. Would you say the Playback Designs MPS 5... 
Lumen White?
Would strongly recommend auditioning the new Lumen White Artisan. I have paired them with Ayon CD-5s, Silbatone L-100 and Ayon Crossfire PA. No other speaker using ceramic drivers (except of their top-of-the-line model) comes even close. The older... 
Datzeel vs Asr Emitter exclusive vs Devialet
Jtinn: If I may throw in my experience with the CTH-8550, the Devialet and the Boulder 865 - which should be considered as a very nice integrated amp as well and which I currently use in my office system along with Wadia S7i, Micro Seiki SX-777FV ... 
Best speaker in the US $ 30-45.000,00 range
Shardorne: it´s not just about the look. Their transparency, speed and coherency are better than any of the speakers that I have heard. Theis articulation is world class and the lower octaves (down to 18hz.) are simply stunning. Unfortunately Cons... 
Best speaker in the US $ 30-45.000,00 range
Hello. Thanks for all your kind comments. I´ve opted for the Consensus speakers. A fantastic product. 
Avalon Acoustics vs Wilson Audio
Kazman: I´d like to throw in my experience. I had Avalon Opus Ceramic and Eidolon Diamond as well as WP 8´s. I now use Consensus Audio Magma speakers - head and shoulders above both (although beeing very good products). Unfortunately Mr. Fekete of... 
Best tube pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ?
Would like to add Ayon Audio. Just bought Ayon Spheris with the ReGenerator up-grade - simply put: the best (tube) pre I have ever heard. The smaller Polaris perfectly fits in the sub $ 10.000,00 category and is simply outstanding as well ! 
Ayre MX-R VS Vitus SS-010
Audiozen: Sorry but I totally have to disagree with you. Vitus for sure is a very good product but for sure it does not trunch Boulder, FM Acoustics and Goldmund for e.g.I have replaced the SS-010 with the Boulder 865 and couldn´t be happier. A hu... 
dCS Scarlatti vs Wadia 931+921
@Classicjazz: I currently own Wadia S7i (great device) and I´m thinking in the same direction as Karajan. Have you ever tried the Boulder 2020 together with the Metronome Kalista ? Have you any experience with the big Esoterics (0-series) or the l... 
Turntables better than a Wadia 861SE w/ Statement
Gnsc: Hi Steve. As GNSC does not provide mods to european 230 volt devices anymore... I´m not saying ;-) 
Wadia 381 vs. dcs Puccini vs. EmmLabs CDSA SE
utlover: thanks for the hint - I know that the S7i is a red book-only player. Thats why I choosed it.