Anyone have views on modwright? I am thinking of getting my Pioneer DVD player modified.

You might want to check the Modwright website. Dan is only doing the Pioneer 59AVi mods. Too busy with other work, which speaks volumes about the quality of his product.
I bought a used MSB DAC on audiogon that had been modified by Modwright and it is terrific. I think Modwright's reputation is extremely good.
You have my highest recomendation!
I've had Dan modify two CD players and am still enjoying them both. The tube output stage is top notch.
Dan did an extensive modification to my Pioneer DV-47a on the analog and digital side. Additionally, I had him put Bybees in all 5 channels. Beautiful work and sonically outstanding. You can't go wrong with Dan.
Ditto everything above!

I have an extensively modified Modwright Pioneer universal player. THRILLED with the results!
The best.
Who's Modwright? Ah, Danny Boy...yes. The guy works on my gear: Swans M1 mimi monitors, Marchand X9 Deluxe electronic x-over, Parasound CBD 2000 belt drive transport. First time we talked he said I would get $30K sound *smartly* spending $6K. I did it.
He took my Xindak SACD/CD Player up several steps with some lite mods and fine tuning.Compares easily to 3-4K players.Highly recommended!JD
I had a funny feeling you'd find this thread !
I would use Dan again in a heartbeat! He does excellent work, is honest and has a real curiosity about equipment. He modded my Pioneer 47AI. It was the first one he got his hands on. I enjoyed the results, and the journey as he worked through determining what he could do to the unit. Some communciation came by way of nightly email, some by telephone call, and I learned something in every one. I still have the unit, and have no plans to let it go.
Tried out his wonderful prototype preamp. That'll be a big BANG-for
buck bargain when he produces them. Highest recommendation for
Dan as a man of tremendous integrity. I would not hestitate to do
business with him again.

You *must* have more charm than I do 'cuz Dan refused to work on my Harmon-Kardon CD player citing that it was more than 3 yrs old & that he had no H/K experience.
I know that your belt-drive CD player is well over 3 yrs old - heck it is no longer in production!
Tell me, how did you get him to consent?
I still want my H/K CDP modified. Can I send it to you & you send it off to Modwright for me??
Danny Boy is an honorary member of the Carribbean Audio Mafia. Once I get settled in Florida I'm going to order a Moca tree felled & cut into boards. He's getting boards for his four new monoblocks, compliments of the Psychic...
I have nothing but the highest praises for Dan and his work. He modded my Denon 5900 for me, and I am thrilled with the results. In addition, he has spent a lot of time communicating with me, and is very patient as well as informative.

Highest recommendation.