Modwright 9.0se vs Cary SLP-98P

The Modwright preamp gets reviews saying that it is better than units 2 or 3 times the price. For people that have heard both. Is a new modwright better than a used Cary SLP-98P which is around the same price levels. Forget that the used Cary may be a better buy from a resale value.....I am talking which one is simply better?
The Modwright throws a large image, and is very accurate sounding...very similar to solid state to my ears. It does not have a lush, warm or euphonic sound, although it does convey a three dimensional image common to tube preamps. If this is what you like, then it's a contender.
I have heard both preamps. I owned the Cary and have heard the Modwright in another system. Tvad's description of the Modwright's sonic signature is accurate. I would say the Cary in stock form is more musical with lush mids, softer bass, and very three dimensional.

Given the right combination of NOS tubes in the Cary (I liked the Raytheon VT-231 in the front position and the Sylvania cryoed 6SN7GTB in the rear position), as well as matching it with the proper amp, the Cary is really a fantastic preamp and great value, especially if you find a nice used one that may also have some upgrades from the factory.

What you're really comparing here are two preamps with not much in common from the perspective of their sonic signatures. My tastes favor the Cary as the better preamp and I'd still own it if I didn't run into a Joule Electra LA-100 MkIII.