MM Micro one comparison.

Hi All ,Has anyone had the pleasure of hearing both the MM Micro one,and Vivid Audio`s V1.5 ?
Regardless of price which is the more musical ?
Listen mainly to Jazz.
Show conditions make it very hard to compare products imho especially speakers and I don't think EA has actually delivered any MMMicroOnes to customers yet.
A Dallas area EA dealer told me he's expecting his first MM Micro's at the end of January, 2012. We'll see...
Can you say "vaporware"?

Are these the only two speakers you are interested in?
Are you open to other speakers?
I already own the speakers I am interested in. But no one seems to be able to see these speakers outside of an audio show. Almost like "Bigfoot"......

Am i to assume , that apart from the reviewers no one out there is impressed with vivid audio┬┤s v1.5 ?
Tawa , go into the forum column and type in Vivid, there are about 5 threads on the Vivid speakers. There are a few members who own the 1.5's. I would send them all personal emails to see if they would share their impressions.
From the threads that I have read, they seem to be compared to world class speakers.
IMO ,Having heard the 1.5 as well as the G1s..Vivid is world class and will compete or better anything out there.
Thank you all.they should be delivered today.
The MM Micro Ones or the V1.5s?
I have heard the micro ones in Kevin malmgrens listening room and they were very impressive. They filled the large room ver well for such a small speaker and disappeared as far as imaging. Very dynamic and fast. I would purchase a pair but for the uncertain delivery date
The V1.5s, was also waiting for the MM Micro Ones.