ML 32 or CJ ART for ML 33H

A very simple question: what would the Audiogon audience prefer as the best match for the Mark Levinson 33H Power Amplifier? The Mark Levinson Reference No. 32 or the Conrad-Johnson ART? The only criterion is "musicality". I listen 90% to classic and 10% jazz.
Koen this is a no brainer. The 32 will have the best sound and the most synergy in your system. I have heard the it is really good but not as sweet as the 32 now in a cj system I would recommend the art for synergy reaseons only. good luck you know whats the better match in your heart.
It all depends on the rest of your system. What speakers do you use? Are you looking to lean out the sound or warm it up?
Having tried a ML 32 here in my system as well as ARC REF 1, and REF2, CJ 15 and 17, CAT ultimate, BAT VK30, VK30SE, VK50SE in my system using 33H driving Aerial 10t's, The VK50SE was the clear winner and remains to this day.
I'd recommend you add it to your list to try, and good luck.
Wonderful synergy between 50SE and Levinson 33H.

I agreee with Paul. Not to take anything away from the CJ or the ML, the BAT VK50SE is an incredible preamp. It is dead quiet and tonally beautiful. I strongly suggest that you audition it if you have the chance.
i use the ml #32 with the ml #33 monoblocks. 6 months ago i upgraded from the #33h to the #33. i have been very happy with the #32 and think it has a special synergy with both the #33h and #33. the #32 is a remarkable piece of equipment; bullet-proof and beautiful sounding. i don't think it gives up anything to the tube preamps listed above IMHO.

btw, the #33 are an amazing improvement over the great-sounding #33h.

mike lavigne
Dear Jtinn,
Thanks for your response. Loudspeakers are ProAc 3.8, cables Van den Hul Revelation Hybrid (bi-wired) and ML #39.
Frankly, the ProAc's have a beautiful midrange which is very warm. I think the CJ may be a bit too much. I would recommend the ML 32 or the BAT VK-50SE if you wanted tubes.

The system should sound great with either of them.
I have the EXACT setup. ART II with a pair of 33H I DID try the 32, but prefer the ART. 32 sounded fine. Very solid, but for musicality, the ART beats it hands down. see my setup at
my choice is different than yours.why not lamms new reference pre-amp or vacs reference signature????
adsal, your post was intended for?
anyway, VAC... no thanks. very snobby people, I don't like dealing with them. I wrote and ask for more info on the ref sig, and all I got was 'people who are willing to pay this price do not usually ask for any technical details'. I was not even asking for technicaly details, i just wanted to know the size, weight etc. after that, I wont bother with VAC product. and it looks gaudy.

lamm i heard is excellent, unfortunaly, the local dealer does not have any in stock. (they never seem to). so it's unfortunate i have to leave lamm out of my selection.

and besides, everyon's choice is different. art sounds very good to my ears and i got it at a very good deal.
Wslam...your set-up pretty much looks like my dream system..very nice.
to wslam.
1-vac people;when i have some problem about vacs products i call kevin carter from vac,he is very lovely person he answer all my time call him.
2-end of this year jeff rowland will make a new reference pre-amp.i think it will be some thing very special(i already used coherence 2)
I have no doubt this new JR preamp will be special. There will always be new, good, reference-grade product. I don't really see your point in recommending something that does not yet exist.
i dont see how a person can be so rude on email, but 'lovely' on the phone... just sharing my personal experience.
for jr pre-amps,this is not recomendation,its just a news.
did you ever try another amps with amatis?
yes, many. from graaf, arc, to ml, and krell with the amati. (used to be the same dealer in hk who carries all these brands)
soo strange,we never can good sound with ml from amatis and even 50 watts komuro pp amps was much much better.with guarneri we tried ml integred one againts musica and musica was sound from amatis i got with lamm ml1 and vac 140.