ML 303 vs EDGE NL 10.1

iTunes into Benchmark DAC-1 usb was using a ML 383 have 'upgraded' to an EDGE NL10.1 / The upgrade is just not working. Everything that I used to love in the sound is gone. About the only improvement is more clarity in the high end but less realism and everything else is worse. Am now in the process of upgrading to the best speaker cables and interconnects I can afford but is it my ears or maybe not having an active preamp now or can the 383 at a fourth the cost be 'better' than the laser biased EDGE? What went wrong with my upgrade?
the edge may be revealing problems elsewhere in the system. or...the "edge sound" may not be right for your ears or system. to my ears, the edge amps are punishingly acccurate, but amazing in the right system playing a good recording.

I presume you have the benchmark dac1pre? or are you using the ML 383 pre section?

I don't think cables are going to be a panacea - they are good for tuning a system sound, but not wholesale changes. I'd save your money and audition some other amps - pass might be closer to the levinson sound you enjoyed.
The Edge is an accurate reproducer of your up stream gear. The Benchmark tends to be a bit on the cool side of the audio spectrum. Overall, I'd guess that your system is on the very cool side given you are also using itunes. I suggest the addition of a tube somewhere. I use an Edge NL12.1 and think it is amazing. I have it paired with a Conrad Johnson Act2 preamp and a Meitner cd player. You could always upgrade the NL10.1 to SE status but I don't think its going to solve the coolness in your system. Cardas cables on the front end may also help as they tend to be a bit warmer. I'm also guessing that you are using single ened cables. The Benchmark will sound much better when using the balanced outputs.
Interesting responses. Thank you for your thoughts. I don't think the SE will help and to add tubes to tone down the benchmark and the edge seems going too far down the wrong road. Also to mellow the sound with cables again is like changing the tires hoping it will make up for the engine. So I am really starting to get the feeling I have to decide if I like the amp enough to get a different dac or vice versa. Pass Labs, hmm, I don't know, maybe. Thank you again.