MIT dig/HT magic/Illumination?nirvana?

Hi:which one is the BEST all around digital link of the pack?
MIT digital refernce/Harmonic Tech Magic/Illuminations or
thanks a bunch and best regards to all,Al
I've been auditioning digital cables and have listened to all the ones you mention except for the HT. Additionally, the Acoustic Zen mc2, and the Nordost silver shadow, have also been auditioned. The Nirvana has been the clear winner, with the d60 coming in second. Not surprisingly, the Nirvana is fairly costly, but if you want the best. The Acoustic Zen is what I'd recommend if you can't get the Nirvana. Best thing to do, is pick out a couple in your price range, and call Cable Co. and borrow them.
I don't know what the "best" is but I use MIT digital reference, provides smooth treble and powerful detailed bass. Illuminations D60 or HT Cyber Platinum are very detailed, would be better in a warm toned system that plays
high quality CDs, don't sound great playing average quality
CDs, especially treble region. MIT for me gives best overall
sound and makes average CDs sound their best.
Illuminations Orchid....period.