Achieving Preamp nirvana with a SF Line 3?

I am contemplating the purchase of a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp. It will replace an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A in a system that has NHT 3.3 speakers, Moscode 300 Maxi amp (mods) JPS SC2/NC cabling, Muse 9 Signature DVD/CD. I am planning on selling my VPI 19 MKIII with ETII arm and will return to vinyl in the future so a phono section isn�t the most important issue.

My quest of course is �perfect sound� (that is a mouth full) which will never happen as long as we all have opinions. From what I have read this preamp has tons of engineering and experience rolled into it and could possibly by virtue of it�s design and build yield pure sound with virtually no self inflicted opinion of its own. It, from my studies, does not have a tube signature or SS but is vanishing. My worries are that this particular preamp could exhibit a sterile cleansed sound chalk full of detail bombarding me in a lifeless presentation.

Any experiences to help? Any comparisons by Gon members? I�m in AZ and there isn�t much I can do as far as me playing around and comparing. I have also considered a Belles 21A (Aura caps?) , Belles Soloist 3, and CAT . If I go Belles I will also purchase two 150A Ref amps to bridge. Thoughts?
sonic frontiers never made anything less than a great pre. the line 3 was the best of the bunch. your audible illusions however is not only its equal, but along with its extended family of magus and bruce moore models, represents one of the most balanced pres at ANY price. the sonic frontiers phono pre is no more resolving than the one inside the 3a. also your moscodes are different, but the equal of the belles stuff. if your looking to shake up this 'classic' system of yours, think about upgrading your turntable.........i can tell from your system that you thought it out. there isn't a pretender listed. its like having a championship team it takes years to put together, and then start to disassemble it. YEARS FROM NOW, THIS SYSTEM IS THE ONE YOU'LL REMEMBER
It is more neutral than many tube preamps but still has that organic quality. Very good bass and dynamics, maybe even a touch exagerated. Smeared highs with the stock Sovteks that should be replaced. Much better with XLR. Even better with balanced AC. Comparable to BAT and Supratek.
"... does not have a tube signature or SS but is vanishing."

Buy some issues of Stereophile or Absolute Sound from the 1970's, or 1980's, or 1990's. "No signature" of its own (or something intended to mean this)appears again and again on many different types components. I'm sure that almost all of the designers wanted to achieve this, but we're not there yet.

Use your own judgment.

If you're looking for audio nirvana, you should try and listen to North American Products H-Cat preamp. Go to They are presently contemplating a dealer in Arizona. I have been a music lover/audiophile for more years that I care to admit to. Heard and owned many of the top-end preamps, but the H-Cat is truly the finest. You owe it to yourself to hear it if possible. IMHO there's nothing out there that can beat it.
I had the AI M3 and replaced with Emotive Audio Sira and it was big improvement.
nice looking sf linejaybo3 on the gon right now