Bulk Erasing CD's = Digital Nirvana?

I read in one of the audio rags something about using a bulk eraser to "demagnetize" CD's. I have one kicking around from a radio station that was used to bulk erase carts...anybody else give this a go? Apparently a Rad Shack unit will achieve the same "results"...I will do anything to make CD sound decent.
I've been doing it for years. Works for me.
While i've never used a bulk eraser, i would have to imagine that the effects would be both beneficial and subtle if they are anything like what one achieves using a Bedini. The advantage that the Bedini has is that it should be quite uniform in "de-mag'ing" whereas the hand held tape eraser might not be. On the other hand, the tape eraser may be more potent, so it may do a more thorough job.

For those that are "unbelievers" about the subject, you should take a look at this website and read this article about aluminum being magnetized prior to spouting off about the subject. Sean
the original bedini definitely works little bit better than the Radio Shack bulk tape eraser.originally had the eraser before the bedini was produced. wonder what I did with it? Can't remember.