MIT Cable Matching

Let me know your thoughts on mixing MIT cables.  Here are the details:

I recently switched to a Spectral preamp and amp system.  In the process I ended up with a mishmash of MIT cables from the used market to go with the Spectral equipment.  The source cables are Magnum M1.5, the cable between the preamp and Amp is an Oracle MA-X and the Speaker cable is an Oracle V2.3.  The phono cable is an Oracle V1.5.

The preamp is Spectral DMC-30SV.  The Amp is a  DMA-400. The sources are a PS Audio DirectStream DAC, VPI Classic 3, Sutherland Phono Block and Marantz SA-7S1 CD player.

I've talked with the experts at MIT.  They don't have any problem with mixing the cables mentioned above.  However, I am leaning towards moving to all Oracle V2.3 cables in the future.  The system sounds ok to me, but I'm mo expert!   It's just that, for some reason I don't like the thought of mixing different types of cables in a system.
Everything Oracle is great. Your magnum is the very weak link. Can’t compare to oracles. That’s the only one to improve. You’ll hear it immediately and never look back. Enjoy :). Isolation of your digital will be a significant benefit. I use an Equitech 2Q for common mode noise and a variety of others for differential. Perhaps give it a try. Your MIT dealer should loan you something. 
All I can say is be careful of using networked cables. The ones with the box on them. I used MIT speaker cables with a pair of B&W 802D's and this worked fine. But when I got a pair of Vandersteens, those cables sounded terrible on them. I replaced them with another brand of cable that was recommended for them and all was fine. Night and day difference. YMMV.
The Oracles may be better, but IMO your Magnum M1.5 is no slouch. I'm happy with my mid-range MIT Matrix 36 ICs and Matrix HD 60 bi-wire speaker cables, which have really brought my system together with details and cohesiveness that really does convince you that cables should be considered as component(s).