Mission 780 good value?


I'm looking for a pair or small bookshelf speakers or mini-monitors for my bedroom. The shortlisted speakers include Axiom M2i, Mission 780 and NHT SB-1. Due to the small space avalilable as well as the impracticality of positioning the speakers for "pure" listening, I have to either use them as near-field monitors or literally put them in the corners of the room on stands or bookshelves.

My taste in music runs the whole gamut, so there's really no one genre which I particularly like.

Room size:

15 x 12 ft


NAD C 350

CD Player:

NAD C 540

I am interested in reading opinions on the Mission 780. It seems that they are pretty solid performers but are very little known on the Net.

Advice about other speakers and stuff always welcome too.


I'm not positive if this is still the case, but most Mission speakers used to be front-ported and designed to be placed 8" from the rear wall. That could be an advantage in near wall or corner placement.

That said, all will sound different and it really all comes down to system symmetry and your own personal tastes. It's best to try in home auditions if you can. Axiom offers 30 day trials. Try to find a dealer that will let you do the same with the Missions or NHTs.
I believe Mission speakers to be an excellent value especially at the Audio Advisor closeout prices and a 30 day trial. I have owned the 750LE, 751 and heard the 780. I have also owned the Axiom M3Ti. In my opinion the Missions are a much better speaker at portraying the music. Bass on the little Missions is very quick, tight and tuneful. Mids are natural and the soundstaging is superb. Highs are as they should be as well, not bright or etched but airy and detailed. There is really nothing to complain about for a smaller room. Ports are on the back but they can be used closer to walls than most speakers without muddiness.
For small rooms...really hard to surpass Spendors or the new Quad L series...SPendors are more well known in the States...and their current 3/5 is an updated version of the legendary ls 3/5a...very open and full sounding for such a small speaker...they are not cheap however...but at $500-600 used...they will hold their resale value...something to consider when upgrading...I have the nad c350 as well...it will be a great match with either...good luck...
Wow! At $299.99 for a new pair on Audio Advisor, that is a fabulous buy! I bought a used pair (mint really) for $400 about a year ago for my fiancee's system and felt they were a great value at that price. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do much critical listening to them in 2-channel because they quickly got moved to the rears for her 5.1 system, but they do keep up nicely with her Bohlender Greabener Radia X1 and X3 ribbons and that is no small task. I found their sound to be quite neutral, perhaps slightly on the warm side, easy to listen to - very balanced - they're definitely not overly bright or hyper critical. They have surprisingly good bass extension for such a small box speaker, but are clearly not designed to shake the walls. In fact, Mcfavre4 describes their sound to a tee - very pleasing to listen to and you really have to search hard to find something to be critical about.

I would think the Misison 780's would be perfect for the application you've described. In fact, I've often thought of moving them either to my home office or to my bedroom for the very reasons you mention - an easy speaker to listen to in the near field and not overly placement sensitive. It's too bad Audio Advisor does not have them avilable in Rosewood because they are drop dead gorgeous in that finish. I have no experience with the other speakers you've mentioned, but they are certianly highly thought of as well.
also...pair of Epos m12s for $450 bo on audiogon...these retail for $900...this is a good deal...
Invest in the quad 11l instead. More emotional, authorative