Mirage SM-3 Impedance??

Does anybody know the impedance of the the mirage sm-3. It's a two-way with 10" woofer and 2.5" tweeter. Thanks in advance...
Impedance: 7 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum
Got it from this review:

03-22-12: Dpg3
Impedance: 7 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum
Got it from this review.

Wrong speaker. That review is for the M-3, a bi-polar 3-way from the lat '80s. He's asking about the SM-3, a front-firing 10" 2-way made 1982-4.

An inexpensive ohmmeter from Radio Shack would answer your question. I read on another forum that the woofer is a 4-ohm unit, but that doesn't determine the overall impedance of the loudspeaker system. Put the ohmmeter's probes on the two speaker terminals and you'll get a good idea of the nominal impedance.
Thanks for the replies. I was skeptical about driving these with my onix sp3 but I've been pretty pleased with the combination. Definitely more substantial bass with a solid state feeding them (i've tried an sae 2200, amber model 70 and b+k st202) but the onix does just fine. I'll check the impedance and the terminals tonight but i've been hooking them up to the 4ohm taps on the onix