Bi-Amping My Mirage 3si's

I would like to change my set-up from Bi-wire to Bi-amp.Is it as easy as running 2 feeds from amp to each speaker (1 to low &1 to hi)and then running y outs on left & right channels on my casablanca and then down to amp?Some questions i have?
1)Will Bi-amping better my set-up
2)Can anyone recommend cables(balanced interconnects& speaker cables)
3)where would i get y outs-i would need balanced type
My system
Mirage speakersM3si/MCSI/Bpss-210sub/omr2
Theta CAS3pre/Pro-Aragon3005amp
onkyo1000dvd-Cardas speaker cable(5cQuad)MIT-Ter2 RCAinterconnects.Need to change to balanced due to upgrade on Cas3 to extreme dacs Thanks Kevin
being your already using a subwoofer I don't think bi amping is going to help any. Are you running the Mirage full range or are they going through the subwoofer crossover first [and then feeding the amplifier]at what frequency is the crossover set if so? or maybe your preamp/processor has subwoofer output connections? what is your configuration it's not very clear to me. bi amping is not as simple as your understanding of it is its more complicated than your description.
Mejames-The Theta Casablanca has a sub out that i do use.It has mnay different crossover points that i use depending on what i'm listening to.Most times i run my M3si's full or cross them at 40hz and let the sub due anything under that.
Can you explain what can make it more complicated?Does it have anything to due with crossovers in my speakers?Let me know.Thanks Kevin

Yes, I did similar to what you're proposing, using four channels of amplification on my two main speakers,only I have Magnepan 1.6QR's. I used Audioquest rca y adapters out of the preamp to split signal to the four amps. I don't know if Audioquest makes a balanced "y" connector/cable or not, but they're as good to try as any company. I understand they make more items than shown on website, so you may have to contact them to ask.

I found bi-amping to be a tremendous benefit. The sense of power and authority was well worth it. I'm using twin subs and still found a great benefit to biamping mains. The sound stage seemed "deeper" with it biamped, like the equipment had a better grip on the signal and reproduced it with more clarity/authority.
i just un-bi-amped my nht2.5i, they sound so much better. seems to have twice the power. i couldnt understand why i had no highs, so i used just used my carver tfm15 to power the whole speaker. i had been using my hk avr20ii to power the top half. 65 wpc to the highs 100 wpc to the lows. may have sounded ok if the 2 amps were the same make and power.
it's easy to vertically bi-amp using 2 stereo amplifiers which are bridged into mono operation you would not need any y cables either the left channel output would feed the left channel amplifier etc. would just considered some mono block amplifiers they supposedly usually sound than a bridged stereo amplifier does. now horizontally bi-amp is very complicated unless using the same model amplifiers for the highs and lows as both amplifiers must have the same input impedance and sensitivity characteristics and power level matching can become issues also. being your Mirage is running full range you may benefit from the added power especially those speakers much require alot of power. Ever thought of running your output into the subwoofer and using its crossover output to feed your main amplifiers this way the speakers would not have to reproduce the bass frequencies the subwoofer is playing and lessening your amplifier power required for the speakers?