Amp for Mirage M-3s

Hello, I'm looking for an amp to drive my Mirages, Does anybody have any advice. I was considering.... Acurus, Audire, Perreaux, Parasound, Bedini. Looking for something under $600.00

Thanks for any help.
bryston 4 b or 2 3bs worked for me.
I used to have M-5's and used an Aragon 2004MKII which is only 100 watts per channel and it used to drive the Mirage's wonderfully! Plenty of low end and of course the Aragon is built like a tank!
Thanks, I was considering an acurus A150
I think an Acurus A150 would be great for a set of mirage...I have an A200 and a set of Fx 7's. It really increased the tightness of the bass over an older yamaha.
I auditioned a number of amps on Mirage M-3s back in the mid-90s. To my ears, the Acurus A150 and, I believe, D100 integrated sounded a bit less refined than an Aragon 4004 and Bryston 4B-NRB. I ended up getting a pair of M1-si's and running them with Bryston electronics, but the Aragon 4004 was REALLY close to sounding as good for less money. Good luck!
I'm using an Aragon 8008 BB. Sounds wonderful and full.Crisp highs and solid bass.