MintLP/Dynavector 17D3 question

For those who have set up a 17D3 using the MintLP...

I recently purchased a 17D3 for my Scout. I set up the alignment this weekend using the MintLP and had a hard time seeing where the stylus touches the MintLP due to the short cantilever. Of course my 50 year old eyes didn't help.
For anyone experienced with this, what size/power of loupe did you use and do you have any other suggestions?
I have just re-done my Scout/Dynavector XX2MKII with my 62 year old eyes. I use a combination of the 4x lighted glass, or a 10x loupe with all the lighting I can muster in the room, plus a mini Maglite to shine directly where needed. For some views, the 4x works better, for others, the 10x does the job. Whatever helps me to see what I need to at the time is what I use. If one won't do it, I reach for the other one. On the 10x loupe, I remove the plastic extension from the bottom, so I can get closer with the lens. Not easy on us old guys, but it sure is worth it!

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My eyes not so hot either. I found laying a white light mini flashlight down on the platter, pointing at stylus helped greatly.
There's much written here about the MintLP tractor in the archives, doing a simple search, and I've written quite a bit about the slight obstacles, and little tricks to help ease the hassles. If you haven't gotten the Loupe (Yip calls it a Lupe), then you may be able to find a small 10X Jeweler's Loupe online.

The Loupe helps at the outer beginning of Arc, and also, when sighting the Cantilever, when alining the Cantilever. Otherwise, I've found trying to utilize the loupe at the end of Arc, near the Spindle becomes quite difficult, to almost impossible.

Lighting, in various forms, and placed at different locations will help aid you in spotting the Stylus (hopefully!) Mark
I purchased a Bausch & Lomb head gear magnifier like the jewelers use and find it great for hands free, stylus set up with the mint tractor on my VPI. It scares the dog though!! I found it Googling magification on the web.
I just went through this last week, putting a new Dynavector on my Scoutmaster using the Mint LP tractor.

As the previous posters have said, great lighting is really key to the necessary precision. I set it up using the hand-magnifier, then discovered on the website a great tip for using the 10X "Lupe" which was to unscrew the clear shield from the loupe which allows you to get the magnifier close enough to the damn stylus to actually be able to see the very fine lines (59 yr. old eyes). Part of the trick was to move your head forward/back, not just the loupe to get a good view. I was amazed at how far off the original setting with the 3x glass was when I looked at the same settings using the 10x loupe. In particular, you could see exactly when the stylus was on the cross between the null points and the arc, which I couldn't really see using the 3x glass. And sonically, it made a real difference when I got it right on the lines. (I know you don't want to hear this).

Of course my 50 year old eyes didn't help..

I'm 52 too .. but I bought a super good magnifying glass! :-))
Buy one you too .. and retry with a good light on the MintLP Tractor .. you won't have any trouble anymore
OK, one last question. Does anyone know of national chain stores that sell magnifiers? I tried the drug stores and they usually max out at a 2X or 4X magnifying glass. I called optical shops and no go. I know I can order online but I was hoping to find something in town.
Thanks again.
Try Office Depot or Staples. They usually have up to 10x magnifiers. You may even find something at Lowes or Home Depot but I've never looked there for magnifiers.
I recently purchased the Mint tractor for setup on my Rega P9 table. It came with the standard 3x and I purchased the optional 10x magnifier. Since everyone is confessing, I'll be hitting the big 60 very soon.

First, my glasses had to go. I could see much better up close just using the magnifier. The 3x magnifier was OK, but the 10x is like looking through a pin hole... very narrow field of view, and gave me a headache after a few minutes.

Went to my office and I have a nice 6x Lithco Wide Field Magnifier (OPT-WFM6)available from for about $29.00. It comes with an acrylic base so I unscrewed the metal optics carrier from the base and now have a 1.75" wide loupe that is very easy to see through and the 6x is a good working magnification. You can always do a final check with the 10x. I was able to do the complete alignment in one session, no eye fatigue and no headaches.

The other nice thing is when you are finished with your alignment, you can screw it back into the acrylic base and it's a great magnifier to keep on your desk. Great for reading small type on business cards, phone books and labels.