MintLP revisited

Hi all,

Having done set up with the MintLP Best Tractor once, and been pleased with the results, I thought it time to see if I could glean a little better performance by going through the procedure again. Man, am I glad I did! This time around, I better understood how to achieve proper effective length, and thereby get the most accurate results. I think the improvement this time is greater than the first time around. As has been said many times before, what a fine, accurate tool this little device is, and only limited by the user's understanding, not to mention eyesight!

Best to all,
I agree...what a great little product.
What did you find to be "off" after your first session with the Mint?
I just bought a Dynavector 17D3 to replace a 10X5, and set it up with the Mint last night. I got it close (the tiny little cantilever wreaks havoc with my 50 year old eyes) and it sounds incredible but I know I need to go thru the setup again when I have more time.
The problem was in that I failed to achieve the effective length and alignment with the cartridge parallel to the headshell. Even though the stylus lined up properly on all alignment points, without having the cartridge straight to begin with , things were still off a bit. Once I re-read the instructions, I was able to do this correctly, and it made all the difference. Amazing what you can learn if you just pay attention.

Also, I think it's important to recheck the whole setup periodically to make sure it hasn't drifted out of the alignment you originally acheived. A slight bump here and there and gradually you may not be where you thought you were. I'm guessing you did a better job than you think the first time around. Great tool and great service to back it up. Can't go wrong.
.. and only limited by the user's understanding, not to mention eyesight!

Yes , I agree! Eyesight
This is the only one limit of the MintLP Best Tractor
More you're accurate .. more magical sound you 'll get
No other limit!