Michell techno or Origin live weight


Which one these offer better sound quality or you may describe the sounds character of both. This is for RB250

Never tried the Origin but I have the Techno on my RB600 and what difference. Of all the tweaks I have done to the P25 this made the biggest difference. Bass extension is much tighter. It made the most sense to me of all the post production counterweights because it places all the weight below the centerline of the arm.
I added the Technoweight to my RB250 and it made a BIG difference. Bass tighter, tighter, less bloated, yes, but the subtleties it brought out are amazing. The tone on trumpet or sax had more texture. Drum taps have more in depth ressonance. Nylon guitar strings have more 'personality'. Hidden things come to fore like the softer touch of Bill Evans opening piano ... nuances are where the charms is.

I think I hear the same comments made pro as to any of these counterweights with the center of gravity at the cartridge level. It is said that the lower center of gravity makes it track better thusly the sound reproduced is more detailed.

I have not tried any other but looked and many many reviews before deciding on the Technoweight. The lastest of the weights are the Groovetracer
and the Kerry
on sale on the classifieds.

The word is that these are 'better' that the Technoweight but that the Technoweightn betters the Origin Live weight. Who knows without trying one? It was easier for me to decide on the best that was being talked about at that time.

And besides the Technoweight is not as ugly as those other two: http://home.comcast.net/~omaille/lester/tw.jpg

Have fun.
There's a techno weight on Ebay right now for $95 before shipping. I am not associated with the seller, nor have I heard it. Just thought you might like to know. I currently use the F2 titanium from Kerry Audio. Over on Audio Asylum, there are more people with these arm combinations, who could help you in your quest.
thanks guys,
yeah Techno weight is not that ugly than those and it is much more easier to apply the tracking force. Yet,I've to decide which one to choose. curently I'm running on Techno and the dealer agree to demo for OL weight for me.