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Can a phono stage really do this?
my understanding is the wider the bandwidth the quieter the preamp. My Bugle has opamps but is very quiet regarding pops and tics. 
Has anyone had trouble with speed on their tt
just had an issue on a technics 1200, a machine that is supposed to keep perfect time. i swapped mats and was using a leather 45rpm small mat under a cork on cork spot mat. Was hearing sour notes and wowish kind of sonic. turns out the cork mat wa... 
Jolida JD-9 Mod II
@Dsper: turn off all gain settings and you will still have plenty of gain if you are using a MM or an outboard SUT /w a LOMC. 
Jolida JD9: I think I over-bought. Alternatives?
I have a JD9 and best thing about it is you set pF to 0. Great for AT carts. But if you want to go to another preamp I can easily recommend the Hagermann Bugle2. 
Cleaning new/sealed records?
i don't. been using records since i was a kid. new one's are new. old ones are dirty in unknown ways so all used records get cleaned. but new records are new. i gotta get a break somehow. 
Has anyone tried a "leather" turntable mat?
I have a thin Hide in the Sound leather mat on Yamaha yp-82 table. I wanted to drop the VTA and was not in fear of the resonance of the aluminium platter. I am using a Denon mono cart. No negatives. Not muddy nor extra detailed, etc. Looks nice. 
Is a dimmer noisy when it's turned OFF?
no need for dimmers if you use corner lighting. Ikea has paper column style standing lamps. they have switches that sit on the floor and just a step turns them on. place in the corners the shed low diffused light. they can also act as sound treatm... 
Jolida JD9 settings for use with a Denon DL-160?
i used 1k /w new version gold pin Tung Sol. i don't remember sibilance issues /w that. 
Review: Audio-Technica USA A-T 3482 Cartridge
you can add a new elliptical stylus from LP Gear for a nice improvement. But the original conical/carbon is a very friendly sound. 
denon dl 103 w/ origin live silver mk II: help
it will take more than two weeks for that silver to burn in. but it's worth it. get an old trashed record and run it continuous for 24 hours and see if you hear a change. 24 hours is not too much to lose on a cartridge life span.actually you could... 
Denon DL-103R cartridge update
one quick way what the difference might be heard, as a test, is to place some masking tape on the sides of the cart. You will see how that damping rids it of some unwelcome resonance. 
Denon DL-103R cartridge update
I think the conical stylus is better without a body. It not the most resolving cut so the less resonace the better.When or if you upgrade the stylus then adding a wood body realy enhances the sound. It adds something. 
Denon DL-103R cartridge update
Hey, I have an extra one as well. I am in New Jersey, if that is any closer. I thought it would be better to leave it off but Tobes makes a good point. 
Denon DL-103R cartridge update
Do not use the guard when removing the body. It will only get in your way. Easy does it, slow and steady, and you will be ok. 
Denon DL-103R cartridge update
I recently nuded a new 103 and just had a look at the little graph report. It states 3.9 for both chanels. Nice. My other 103s doe have a small imbalance but I can't tell when listening .. And I try. ;.)