Michell Gyro SE...Light or Heavy style Clamp??

Just wondering which clamp you cats are using with your Michell Gyro TT. I am considering getting a heavy weight clamp for mine. Is this a BAD idea?

With the Michell designed clamp, you must stop the TT to flip the record...which is a P-I-T-A!

Any other record clamp recommendations? Thanks a bunch!
I would use the lightweigth Michell clamp and just stop the platter. It's just a single button. BTW, would removing the record when the platter is scuffing increase the chances of scuffing or otherwise damaging the record? What a P-I-T-A that must be to risk that. :-)
Hi, I've been wanting to start a thread but since this is here. I have two Gyrodec questions, I just got one a couple of months ago.

First do you use that little felt washer that's supposed to go on the spindle between the platter and the record? Because when I do it seems to keep a lot of records from lying flat on the platter. I think I'm using the lightweight clamp.

Second, does your dc motor make any noise at all? That was the main reason for upgrading my old table (motor problem & then motor noise). At my dealer both the Tecno and the Gyro seemed absolutely silent but now at home I am getting a very tiny bit of noise from the dc motor.

The first time the record slipped and the spinning platter tossed it into the tone arm was the last time I changed a record without turning the TT off.
As a rule, suspended tables take lightweight clamps because a heavy clamp would throw the suspension off.

The reason to use a heavy clamp (on an appropriate table) is not to change sides without stopping the platter. It's for superior vinyl/platter coupling and resonance control.

If you insist on the obviously risky practice of changing sides with a spinning platter, get a clampless table with a soft matt, like an LP12 or something. I still wouldn't do it myself. The_smokester's scenario is too scary and I'm a klutz, but YMMV.
Try to invest in a well isolated rack or turntable stand instead. The Gyro SE suspension vibrates more than any other suspended turntable I ever known. Since its spindle is threaded you are somewhat limited to use only record clamp instead of record weight so it's still a p-i-t-a. Once exception is the Thorens stabilizer which I did us it on the Gyro with very good result.
First off, if you've been wanting start a thread, then you should! It's free and hijacking an existing thread is generally frowned upon.

As to your questions, the felt washer is meant to lift the middle of the record slightly so that by pressing down when you tighten the clamp, the perimeter of the record is forced against the platter. The slight noise in the dc motor is normal.
Audiomax - my Gyro SE spindle is not threaded. The Michell clamp I have (two of them actually) has a knob on the top that you loosen/tighten, but this knob tightens a collet inside the clamp that clamps to the smooth spindle (as opposed to threading the clamp onto the spindle, as a threaded clamp/spindle would.) I haven't seen a threaded spindle on a Gyro SE, but maybe they also exist? This table has undergone a few revisions over the years.
I echo Mwilson, my Gyro's spindle is not threaded. I have not noticed any noise with my DC motor. Stick with the lightweight clamp on this touchy sprung turntable! I let the platter stop before taking the clamp and vinyl off. Consider it a moment of zen. If you don't have patience, then vinyl might no be for you--LOL! The Gyro is fussy but sounds great when everything is set up and running properly!

BTW, any of you cats using any kind of upgraded lightweight clamp on your Gyros? I wonder if there's something better than the basic Michell clamp, maybe for "dished" warps?
Mwilson, Dirtyragamuffin and all,
You are correct, I was mistaking Oracle spindle with Gyro SE's
when I posted my reply.Sorry for the confusion...
I used both the stock lightweight Michell clamp on my Gyro SE and also a much heavier clamp made by Basis. On most of my records I liked the sound of the Basis clamp better. It definitely had more extended bass (different suspension tuning at work). So you might want to try a good quality heavier clamp just to see how the sound changes.

And My Gyro had a smooth spindle. The Orbe SE has a threaded spindle.
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, it was very helpful!!