Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Spider Clamp. Anyone Try?

Has anyone even seen one in person? It's been up at the EC website for weeks, yet I've heard absolutely nothing about it.
I e-mailed EC on the Spider Clamp availability, and of course received their typical, no reply. It looks as if it might improve the already great anti-vibration of the EMC-1, if you could get one.
Hshapiro, did you try e-mailing to service@electrocompaniet.no, I have always received almost immediate reply from them.
EC man are quite nice. They replied me email, quite efficiently.

checked with local dealer, clamp wont be available until Apr.
I have found them to be very nice, but it usually takes weeks to get a reply. Thanks for the e-mail address. I'll give it a try.
e-mailed them and like most of you, no reply. At least Lafish can give us an idea of availbility. Is April confirmed and definite?