Meridian 508.24 or BAT VK 5i?

I have a pair ofdynaudio mk2 1.8 with I joined with mccormack DNA 1 dlx and a preamplifier mccormack TLC 1, my CD player Rotel RCD 02, the sound is crystalline. I would like to know what would be better for my system, to change the TLC1 for a BAT VK 5i or to change rotel rcd 02 for one meridian 508-24.
I would say that changing to the BAT VK-5i would give you the biggest improvement, that is unless you enjoy the crystalline sound. By that I mean that the BAT will make the sound warmer, richer, more full, but you may lose a little detail in the highs. The Meridian would tend to keep you in the high definition camp, if that's where you want to be. I tend to lean towards musicality over detail, but I know others have different tastes. I hoped this helped more than confused you. Only you know your musical tastes. Are you looking for more musical warmth or more detail? Get the BAT if the former, and the Meridian if the latter.

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I would second John's response. In general I think that the preamp makes the greatest difference in any system and a tubed preamp is the way to go. Get the BAT, great sounding preamp and from what I hear a great company. Then, when funds permit, add the Meridian and you'll have a great system. Best of luck and happy listening!
Excellent advice from the above respondents. Plus, the BAT will allow you to tune the sound further when you start tube rolling.