Mcintosh Separates...

Hi Folks,

I am considering a Mac C220 pre amp and an MC 252 power amp to match it to from my dealer. Is this a good upgrade from an MA 6500 integrated that I've loved/owned? My dealer says separates are better sonically than the integrated. I want to believe him, but I also hear integrateds have come a LONG way! So, please share your ideas/thoughts on this, and what advantages I could expect by upgrading. Many thanks...Brian.
IMHO the current Mac MA series of integrateds would give nothing up to the 220/252 combo you are considering.
I suggest that you talk to your dealer about a home demo so you can compare whether or not the 220/250 combo is a worthwhile upgrade from your 6500 integrated. That will tell you much more, than any advice any of us could offer.
in the world of ss mcintosh, the autoformer models generally 'sound' like a true upgrade over the models that don't have them.
I agree with Jaybo I have owned many Mc amps in the past and the models w/autoformers far exceed the performance of those without. As a side note a recent thread here asked about the 252 vs. the 402 and you may want to look at a used 402 before you buy or if you can buy the new 402. The double balanced circuitry quiets the noise floor, the 252 does not have this circuitry. Just an opinion of course.
Thanks Folks. What are the sonic advantages with the autoformer's that you've found?
In other words, what sound wise is better with autoformers? Smoothness, transparency, openness etc? I own Magnepan MG 12 speakers that mated well with the MA 6500. Thanks again...Brian.
I listed to the MA7000 and the C220/MC252 combo a couple of weeks ago at a dealer. I thought the MA7000 sounded better, even though its based on the same amp. It was clearer in the highs, more detailed, but still very refined sounding. I thought the C220 sounded un-naturally warm by comparison.
You may be right! I talked with Chuck at Mcintosh who feels the integrateds are very close in comparison to their separates. Too close to justify the cost difference perhaps. Interesting.
The frequency responce of the autoformer used in the MA7000 extends to 100khertz which is much greater than the responce of the amp section. It also allows the amp to operate into optomum impedence always, ensuring stable operation. Just listen and enjoy, you won't be disappointed!
The MA7000 should sound better than the C220/MC252 for several reasons. You will eliminate one cable between amp and pre. I spoke to Mac before purchasing my MA7000, they told me the amp section of the MA7000 is a redesign of the 252 and sounds better. I wonder if your dealer has done a direct A/B of these components? I doubt it! Lastly the seperates will cost a couple grand more than the MA7000.