McIntosh MX-132 Firmware Upgrade


Does anyone know where we can check if there are firmware upgrades available for McIntosh pre/pros? I have an MX-132 and I'd like to check if there is an upgrade available, but I can't find support for discontinued products on the McIntosh website at all.

No Mcintosh came out with the MX134 as a firmware upgrade.
As mentioned on of your previous threads about your 132 I have had a C39-MX130,MX132,MX134, and a MX135 and have grown tired of giving out money to McIntosh for non-upgradeable pre-pro's. So I bought an Anthem Statement D2V
I will let you know how that works out for me in a few years. It is frustrating when I look back at what I have spent on McIntosh. Sad thing is I miss the Mcintosh build on the products. I doubt I will ever get away from McIntosh amps, but the ever chaning codecs for DVD-Bluray etc, I had to stop running in circles.
Turns out the firmware version on my MX-132 is 0.90, and according to Ron at McIntosh the latest version is 1.13. I'm currently emailing with him trying to see if it's possible to upgrade, not sure what it'll do for me (if anything noticeable). I'm a bit of trouble with the MX-132 losing DSP lock when fast forwarding my television shows, I'm hoping it might fix that. Other than that, I'm loving the sound and build quality of the MX-132!
Just got off the phone with Ron at McIntosh, he says that the engineer couldn't believe there was still an MX-132 still in the field that hasn't had the software updated! Bad news is that I need to send the unit into McIntosh to get it upgraded, apparently is needs 4 new software uploads and some DSP chips or hardware replaced. Just emailed the service department to get a quote... not I just need to decide if I can live without it for a month or two while it's getting upgraded!

Anyone know if it's worth the cost/time to get it upgraded from version 0.90 or 1.13?

Local repair shop quoted my $400 to perform the upgrade from Version 0.90 to 1.13, can anyone provide some advice at to whether or not it's worth it? I just paid $1200 for the unit, not sure I want to dump that much more into it right now. Seems to be performing well and don't have any issues with it.

Sorry I missunderstood what upgrade you were looking for. I thought is was a CODEC upgrade. The upgrade you are getting may help you, I had an MSD4 a few years back that when used as a D/A convertor it would cut off the first 2-3 seconds of each song on a CD as it searched for the proper code. I called Mcintosh and they fixed if for free.
Did McIntosh give a quote on doing the upgrade, I would not be suprised if they do it for free. I had to just pay the shipping back to them and they fixed and shipped it at no charge. I had bought the MSD4 used and when I told them I wasn't the original owner, the response was "Does it say McIntosh on it? then it's no charge" If they do charge you call and see if they can do it cheaper and they may be able to answer if the upgrade will fix the problem.
Thanks Theo. I'll contact McIntosh and see if they would be willing to do it for free. The unit seems to be working fine, the only issue I might have is at the beginning of a song or when I'm FF digital TV, the unit will lose lock for a second or so. Mostly just an annoyance, but would be nice to get it fixed. McIntosh said their backlog is 15, though!
That is basically what the MSD4 was doing. I was using it as a DAC for my CD and each song had a millisecond of silence till if decided what is was decoding. If you can talk with Kevin (pronounced Keeevin)in the engineering dept at Mcintosh he was the one who helped me.