New Firmware for Playback Designs MPS-5

I received this email today.It is great that Playback Designs continues to develop/improve what is already an outstanding player.
The website also has a notice relating to this firmware upgrade but at this stage I cannot find any further info regarding the audio consequences or otherwise of this update.
I am sure this will follow soon but any additional info would be greatly appreciated.
Yes i received this email also. But their "Release Notes" are always lacking. So i have no idea what this FW Release is for. Will email them to find out and advise if i receive a response.
I installed the new firmware. Great player before and now even better. Its hard for me to describe the improvement but would just say its even more musical and toe tappin'
Thanks for the responses so far. I guess this is a very busy time for Andreas and Jonathan with the CES. Hopefully some info will come through.
After reading some encouraging reports on a couple of other forums, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my player. I agree with Radioheadokplayer that the player is definitely better, which I find amazing as I thought that it was fantastic previously. The clarity, detail and spacial imaging are astonishing. Both Andreas and Jonathan are to be congratulated and thanked for this 2013 present.
I posted about this a while back in another Playback thread. I also posted what JTinn wrote.
I have just seen the posting. I am glad that you feel that it is an improvement. The detail and the 3 dimensionality has really impressed me the most.

I own MPS-5 and never did any update though I have all files downloaded and stored in my PC . Hearing yours comments , it urges me to do my first upgrade , just wish to know , is it OK to jump to the latest update file and is updating real easy as ABC , any points needed to attend to ?

Thanks !
I believe it over-writes the entire firmware so it's not cumulative.

ps there's a new one again (bugfix for the old one)

I'm confused by your statement that "it" (presumably the latest update) over-writes the entire firmware and is therefore not cumulative. To me, "over-write" means the new firmware replaces the firmware or data previously located in a given space on the drive. "Cumulative" means that the latest update includes all prior firmware as well as the most recent changes. If the latest update is not cumulative, then it has only the latest changes and, if it over-writes all existing firmware, then only the latest changes will remain. I think that either (a) you meant to say that the latest update is not "additive" or (b) your meaning of "over-write" is that the newly installed firmware merely adds to firmware that is already present. Is that correct?
Sorry. Typing on a small phone has its drawbacks.

The firmware update over writes it fully. You don't need to apply the individual preceding firmware updates.
Thanks all for their inputs !

Cheer !
I installed the firmware update #23 which was a beauty. Lower Noise Floor which allows greater detail retrieval. To my ears the improvements were obvious and not so subtle. I have also upgraded firmware update #24 released about a month ago - as has already been suggested this release did not have any sound improvements - only bug fixes. Would be really good if they provided "release notes" with these upgrades as they are relesed!
Just for everyone , MPS-5 Update available as #026 .
Does anyone have any opinion on the USB-X box , seems little talks on this small add-on box , I have chance to get hold of one used , any advice on this little box ?
Hi Larryng - apologies for the belated reply. The USB-X box is most certainly worth the investment. It is what makes the MPS-5 digital playback imho when streaming music. It will make your direct USB connection redundant as it is much superior interface to the USB interface on the Playback. I am hoping you did grab this 2nd hand when you got the chance? But if you didn't you should purchase a new one because it is a very good little unit. You will wonder why you ever went without one for so long.

I was conducting a search on the latest update #27 - that came out today 13th April 2014 - and saw your post. Now that is funny because i was just enquiring about updates #25 & #26 as i received no email from playback informing me of these updates. The last time i updated was about a year ago with update #24 - and now i have updated #27. So for some reason i didn't get #25 or #26 update email from Playback. So i can't comment on those.

I have just updated to #27 (from #24) and i must say not too sure i actually like it. To my ears there appears to be slightly more sibilance with female vocals and i also think the vocals are slightly more "nasal". The mid range to my ears also sound slightly more forward. Has anyone else upgraded to #27? Do you have a point of view you'd like to share?
There's a new email out today Jeff. There's apparently a bug in the last #27. A new one's out today.
Just tried to update this latest recompilation but was unable to. The message i received was "Your unit is already using the latest version" and there was no other option to proceed. Then i attempted to install a previous version #24 so that i could go from #24 back again to #27 and received the message "This is an older update than the one currently installed" and no other option was available for me to proceed. So not too sure about one goes about re-installing this latest recompilation.
Any Playback owners looking for a nice upgrade should try the Synergistic Red fuse. It takes the Playback to the next level with an increase in texturing, musicality, and low level details.
Thanks for the tip Macdude. What size fuse fits the MPS-5? Is the fuse accessible from the rear panel? What direction is the fuse oriented?

Thanks, Dave
Hi Dave,

I have the Synergistic RED SLOW SMALL 1.6A Fuse.

I also use Stillpoints Ultra 5 underneath the 3 footers of the player.

Another big upgrade was adding a Nordost QX2.