mcintosh mc2505- need some advice

Hi- I am currently considering buying an mc2505- I have always loved the looks and from a visual point of view prefer this amp's proportions to those of the 2105- however, my concern is that 50 watts/channel might be a little low if I eventually want to hook them up to more demanding speakers- not a problem now (small listening room)but could become one later- does anyone if the 2505 can be bridged or used used as a mono amp for each speaker?
My CJ MV55 at 45W per side drove my Aerial 10T with very good results.Note the 10T are power hungry speakers.I am not familiar with the Mc 2505.Even if the 2505 can not be bridged,you could use a second 2505 with RCA Y spliters for vertical biamping if your speakers are biwireable.
Good luck
The 2505 can't be bridged but as noted above, a Y splitter should work. Also, know that those early transistor amps had high output impedances which will make them tricky to mate with some speakers. Back in those days, speakers had much higher impedances than they typically do today. You will just have to try and see in your system. Good luck! Arthur
I thought the 2505 was bridgeable and used as a mono,,the MC250 is, and its the same amp without the meters.
the mc2505 is not bridgable but it is basicly the same amp with the exception of meters & a headphone jack.

I am surprised,,your right Bigjoe...
I've got a 2505, 2155, and 6100 I rotate in my office system
depending on the speakers.
What speakers do you plan on using?
thank you all for all the info- I did not realize that this amp would be tricky to mate as I thought the autoformers, as in the 2105, took care of the impedance issues; in terms the speakers, I have a number of candidates that I am thinking of- ls 3/5a, acoustic energy AE-1, celestion sl700 or s6, sonus faber electa amator and a couple of others- these are all speakers I know well and love. Truth be told that initially, due to space constraint, I was thinking of hooking up a pair of gallo micro's, (i also own a pair of linn tukan's i might use)- are any of the above a reallygood/bad idea for the 2505's? and any other suggestions very welcome!

thanks again
Despite the autoformer, on the early SS amps the damping factor is like 10. The newer autoformer Mc amps get up close to 100 which is good enough for just about any speaker - but 10 is pushing it. However, the LS3/5A would be good and probably any of the Sonus Faber too.