Good Speaker For Vintage McIntosh C22/MC275


My dad bought a McIntosh system in the late 60s, comprised of the C22 preamp, the MC275 tube amp, and the MR71 tuner. I am considering restoring the units and using them as an office system. The amp is 75 watts per channel, using either KT88 or 6550 tubes. I am curious to know if anyone has any recommendations for a good speaker to mate with them. Because this likely will be an office system, I do not need to be as fussy about the usual audiophile stuff like imaging/soundstaging. It just needs to sound nice.
Any of the smaller Harbeth's or Spendor's would be great.
Any of the bigger Harbeths or Spendors would be fine too. I drive Spendor S8e's with 50 tube watts and they sound great.
I totally agree with Pdreher. Even LS-3/5A's would work, Silverlines etc..
What did your dad use with them? It would be cool to stay with a "simular vintage" speaker. Bozak was marketed and voiced along with McIntosh at that time...If you had the room a nice set of B302's would look and sound awesome.