Mcintosh MA6900 or MA7000

Outside of the 50WPC and LED lighting, is there any real sonic difference between these two Integrateds?
The MA7000 is of course the beefier unit and will probably put out more current when called for than the MA6900, but I would think the 6900 is plenty of grunt unless you're feeding power hungry speakers that take some crazy impedance dips. (several do despite their "tame" nominal readings-pays to look at the Frequency/Impedance graph for the speaker in question. I've heard the MA6900 and it is a really nice sounding unit driving fairly large full range speakers effortlessly. Haven't heard the 7000, but it may be more of a vanity purchase than a requirement.....but I've been wrong before!
Thank you for the feedback. There is considerable cost difference and I have read many reviews/opinions of both units. I have also heard that Audiogon is where to get my answer. Currently, I do not have real high-end speakers, but the wife likes them - Monitor Audio RX8. They present a 4 ohm nominal load.
I have had both the MA7000 is much better but if you plan on keeping your present speakers the MA6900 will be find.
I will eventually upgrade the speakers to more closely be on par with the electronics. Budget constraints prevent an all-at-once purchase. If I take small bites, I will get there. If I don't bite at all, I never will. I am just trying to prevent a significant "regret" by making a poor choice along the way.
I had the 6900 for 2 years and it is a wonderful sounding unit. I started with Monitor Audio RS6 and they sounded fantastic, then went to the Synchrony Ones and it sounded even better. The 6900 strained a little at the loudest levels ( I'm talking 3/4 on the volume control--big watts) but was magnificent at normal listening levels. I had the LED kit installed (got it from Audioclassics) to avoid bulb issues. If you like to hammer music at times, you might want to go bigger. If not, the MA is musically sublime.
Sorry, I meant to say the MA6900 is musically sublime
I now have the GX-300 Monitor Audio speakers. I am now leaning towards the MA7000... but now would need a decent DAC for my Sonos. Any input? The MA6900 is 11 years old...I prefer new, in this case.
The MA7000 is far more linear sounding than the MA6900. The MA6900 carries a distinctly warmer aural signature. I'd take the MA7000, but that's just my bias/preference. Having never heard your GX-300's, I have no idea which amp would make for a more suitable match.

As for a DAC.. I suppose that depends on how much cash you have to spend. If you have a copious amount of change, I found that AMR's latest DAC is pretty damned nice. If you want something a bit more budget oriented, Rega's new DAC isn't too shabby (if you like that warm and musical sound). Both should form a decent match with the Mac gear.
All - I appreciate all input received. I ended up with the MA7000, purchased some Monitor AUdio GX-300's and bought a Sim Audio Mood 300D DAC. AFter about 36 hrs, burn-in, I am very pleased. The presentation can only get better from here! Now, should I invest in XLR cables to interconnect the 300D and MA7000?
Congrats on picking up an MA7000. It's a sexy piece to have in the audio rack -that's for sure. As for XLR connections... eh, it's up to you really. Since neither the 300D or MA7000 feature a natively balanced circuit, I can't see them benefiting from this connection in any major way. Still, it's always fun to experiment.(That's what she said?)
Purchased some Tributaries 8AB XLR interconnects - very noticable improvement in detail! Now wondering if I should persue new jumpers for pre out power in...
I've had both. The MA7000 is a much better unit. However, so is the MA6600. Look at that as well.