Mcintosh Equalization

I am interested in a line of Mcintosh Equalizers to tame my booming bass, which I think I could fix if I added more distance between the speakers and the walls, but being that space is premium, I would like to know if anyone has had experiences with specific bass equalizers, Mcintosh or not, and how if affects the sound. Please emphasize the questions of Parametric equalization and its particular function+effect

If you're refering to the MQ 107 or other MQ reries EQ's, they work well to control the bass irregularities. Problem is that you need a Mcintosh AA2 spectrum analyzer to tune the EQ. Hope it helps.
As for Mac EQ's, Geneis writes of the 107, which I have no knowledge of, but I own a pair of Mac speakers, the Ml's and with them have a MQ101 Mac eq. It was made SPECIFICALLY for Ml's and can cause distortion in other speakers. This is written in the manual, so my point is, you should check this out before you buy any Mac EQ.